Lowlands of Heaven Volume 1

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Lowlands of Heaven Volume 1

Postby Geoff » Tue Dec 16, 2014 2:50 am

Lowlands of Heaven - Life Beyond the Veil Volume 1

by Rev George Vale Owen

This is the first volume of a five volume set received in the period 1913 on, and first published in 1920. I value it because the spirits here acknowledge the existence of the Christ Spheres, which to my mind is probably the single most important fact one can learn about life after death. The second most important fact is how to become a Christ Spirit, but this series does not teach that.

The content of these volumes is not quite as fact-packed as for example the works by Anthony Borgia, but they have a unique style. In a way that is hard to describe, its almost as if you are accompanying each spirit as they go about their day. This conveys their life in a way not found in any other source. The facts conveyed are much the same as a great many other spirit communications, but it is this sense of being there that is different. This particular volume has a large number of messages from his mother and describe her duties associated with helping people coming out of the hells. I offer a free pdf, and have a Kindle version at Amazon.

One of the things that most surprises me, is that the Church of England did not launch any theological attack on this series, far from it. They accepted Rev. George Vale Owen was sincere, and that these amounted to inspired writing notwithstanding that the books clearly indicate the vicarious atonement is false, that hell is not eternal, that each pays for their own sins and so forth.
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