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Helping deceased children

Posted: Tue Feb 16, 2016 10:27 am
by WernerV
February 9th, 2016.
Melle, Belgium.
Received by WV.

Good evening my dear friends. It is a pleasure to be with you. My name is Fabiola. (=Queen Fabiola from Belgium)

The reason I am here is to ask you all a favor. I have witnessed this medium help lost souls several times at his home. Once in a while he has a very beautiful and pure moment where he reads fairytales to the children in the spirit world.

So, it wasn’t a coincidence there were so many children present tonight. It was to show you how many children get lost or stuck in the earth plane of the spirit world. The reason for this is that most of the time they do not know what has happened or where they are. This often occurs because the parents did not talk to them about the hereafter because they for example do not believe in it themselves. Sometimes parents are also so occupied with their own grief (of the loss of their child) that they do not realize they are keeping their child from further progression. And so on.

Unfortunately, this medium has his physical limitations, like every human being. Therefore, according to my own feeling, he cannot communicate as much with the children (from the spirit world) as I would like. Hence my question to all of you, especially as parents and grandparents who realize the importance of children in your lives, that you too would take some time to read a short story or fairytale to these children (in the spirit world).

In the end it’s all about Love. And if you use your love for children to read to them, those children will be attracted to you whether they are in your neighborhood or even hundreds of kilometers away from you. And the only thing you need to do, after you read them a short story or fairytale, is to ask them to look around and tell them to look for a beautiful and bright light that will appear on the horizon. Tell them to let that light come closer and that they will see an Angel appearing.

You don’t have to do that too often, just as much as you like or can. If each one of you does this once a month it would make a big difference in the number of children that get stuck here. Because, you have to understand, that although most children are very innocent, they do tend to use the energy of the living. And that is not good. They must learn where they can get their own energy from, how they must do that and how life goes on from that moment in time. Only then can they truly start to learn, just like the first girl who asked for your help earlier on, how they can help their own family to continue. And when those children get the help they need, they will start to learn how they, in turn, can help their family instead of using and draining their families’ energy because they don’t know what has happened to them or where they are.

Most of you ask yourself regularly: “How can I help this world? Is there something I can do to help make this world a better place?” My answer to that is: “Yes!” You do not have to risk your life for it. The only thing you need is your love for children. And when you use that love to read a story to the children in the spirit world you will attract and comfort them so they will relax and trust you. The only thing you need to do then is to give them a little nudge in the back so they will go with the Angels ready to guide them, nothing more.

Please do not be afraid to attract negativity or that something negative will remain in your environment by doing this. That will not be the case! I personally guarantee you that. It is my promise to you that if you are willing to help me this way no harm will come to you from the spirit world, rest assured.

I think every one of you knows how important children have always been to me. So I hope you will be willing to help me out. I myself did not know about the existence of this way of helping deceased children, until I saw the medium reading fairytales from my own book - some of you might remember the fact I wrote some fairytales myself long ago. (“The Twelve Wondrous Fairytales” by Queen Fabiola.) That was the reason I was attracted to him that night. But you cannot imagine the amount of love such a simple, beautiful and very unique initiative generates. You should see its effects. It would motivate you to immediately start reading to those children, without a doubt.

We are going to stop now.
Thank you for letting us use your energies to help all these children here tonight.
Until we meet again. Good night.

Re: Helping deceased children

Posted: Tue Feb 16, 2016 8:34 pm
by Geoff
Thanks Werner, I will send this to my list as well. Its an excellent concept.


Re: Helping deceased children

Posted: Fri Feb 19, 2016 8:18 pm
by Papab
The message from Queen Fabiola was on my mind this morning so I will humbly add something else. We suppose that the starkly obvious innocence of babies and children certainly should exempt them from regular suffrage. Since we’ve learned that there are no karmic debts that reincarnation might explain, the brutal challenges that some emerging souls have brashly claimed indeed provokes adult indignation and bewilderment. And then tears of intense frustration and the deepest, deepest sorrow.

There was one with a name that sounds like Vicki and despite her complete inability to talk; her incessant slapping of her own face until it was raw and bleeding wounds; neither could she even get normal nutrition until that young one abruptly died last winter. Such tragedies circumscribe senselessness, except for the continuous love of her exhausted parents and many others that truly tried to help her overcome.

Infinity is a tremendous distance, to say it coyly, and we should marvel at those that seem committed to imprudent, some even declare a doomed and all too conspicuous, premature “failure”. Her guttural utterances by any measure sounded so tortured then but now it's time for her to sing and play! No longer an unsteady walker of grotesque gait, lead any youngster you find crying Vicki on to the bright lights that they might otherwise mistake for the harsh scrutiny of lingering human grief. Where before we felt so useless around you, may this belated praise help you to now gleefully run ahead to show new playmates the Way. The relentless echoes of loneliness disappear when one finally quiets down enough to listen for the Choir.

Re: Helping deceased children

Posted: Fri Feb 19, 2016 11:02 pm
by Geoff
Dear papab,

This is certainly not about "compensation" its about the chords of grief that living humans tie to those in spirit, and which draw them all the way from the Spheres to the Earth Plane. See:

Several other visits were paid and the stories of their lives recounted for my instruction, but I must content myself with recording the last, which at once arrested my attention by the presence of a number of bright purple hair-lines which, emanating from the body of the sleeper, passed across and out of the room, I knew not whither. My friend informed me that these were love-cords which existed by reason of the uncontrollable grief of the friends left behind. Great difficulty, he explained, is frequently experienced in dealing with these earth attractions, and if friends could only know how their unrestrained grief finds a response in those they mourn - disturbing and breaking their rest - it would do much to remedy the wrong they are thus unintentionally the cause of. Should the sleeper awake before the force of these cords can be weakened, which not unfrequently happens, the soul is drawn back again to earth, and naturally participates in the agony of its friends, which is also increased by the discovery that it is both powerless to make its presence known, or in any way minister to the relief of the mourner.
In the case before us, messengers had been continually dispatched, and every available influence employed to try and stem the torrent of these sorrowing friends. Now she was waking, and Siamedes could see that the inevitable must come. This reminded me of my conversation with Cushna about crossing the mists. But he was away, having left me as soon as we passed the bridge on our arrival. I mentioned the matter to Siamedes and dared to venture the hope, that if she was drawn back, and anyone followed her, I might be allowed to bear them company.
“I will send for Cushna,” he answered; “perhaps he will undertake the mission, and take you with him.”
I saw the message of light fly upon its errand, then its response, and almost immediately Cushna himself was beside us.
I was now to witness a second awakening, which might have been as beautiful and peaceful as the other; but, oh, how different!
My reader, think of these experiences of mine as you may - class them in the category of fiction if you choose - but for mercy’s sake hear me as I plead for self-restraint when you mourn the absence of a loved one called away. God knows the cry of a broken heart is bitter, but remember, if the first duty of a follower of Christ is love, the second is self-abnegation. Your loss is their gain, then I ask you rather to rejoice, for great is their reward. If you really love them, calm your grief, for the discarding of the body has not disturbed the seat of love and your agony vibrates on its chords as much as ever, and reaching them where they are, it disturbs their rest and postpones their happiness.
Remember while here their joy corresponded to your participation therein; do you think they are so immediately changed that they could gaze in rapture upon the Saviour’s face, perfectly conscious of, yet indifferent to, your agony? If you grieve for love’s sake, calm yourself; if you weep for sentiment and fashion, you may continue - that will never reach them where they are. Love, pure, unselfish love has this power, and it is to this I now appeal. You would not weep if you could stand for one brief moment where I have stood, and see the things which I have seen; you would then be content to let the loved ones rest in peace upon the bosom of their God; and therefore I appeal to you, dry up your tears and let them rest until your morning breaks, and your shadows have flown away.
By this time there was not the slightest doubt about the sleep being at an end, and I could see that with every fresh sign of consciousness the lines exerted an increased influence upon her. In her half-sleep she murmured several names as though she was being called but was too weary to rouse up at present; then she reluctantly woke into a dazed, half-petulant state; next a hazy recollection seemed to seize her. Shuddering, she turned in the direction in which the lines were running, at the same time vacantly responding -“I’m coming, dear.” Then she rose from the couch, the cords momentarily increasing their power over her; slowly she moved at first, but every step augmented her strength and
speed; anxious marks began to show upon her face as she drew the 150
hangings aside and stepped upon the terrace. Her excitement now grew intense, she hurried forward, and I would have interposed to save her from throwing herself over, but Cushna held me back.
Mistaken love was carrying her to such an agony as I little dreamed of then; and no one had any right to use force to restrain her. All we could do was to follow and save. She reached the edge of the terrace but did not hesitate or waver. She threw herself over and was gone.
Cushna grasped my hand, and bade me come across the mists upon a mission of salvation.

From Through the Mists

Re: Helping deceased children

Posted: Thu May 12, 2016 9:15 am
by Kris
It is the first time for me to read that children in the spirit lands need help. Even Judas in his message explains that they are no children in the twilight zone. So I am so surprise by Queen Fabiloa'message the children can be prisonners of the earth sphere.

However this message makes sense. So many children al around tje world are loosing ther life in tragic circomstances specially now in the middle east. And what about the children who are forced to be soldiers event at a very young age and were raised since their young age to be a instrument for the "evil" forces !!!

Re: Helping deceased children

Posted: Thu May 12, 2016 11:25 pm
by Geoff
Dear Kris,

Yes I have read it a great many places, so I have not doubted it is true, even as i was upset by hearing of it.