Errors in Swedenborg's work

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Errors in Swedenborg's work

Postby mabekj » Wed Apr 29, 2015 8:55 am

Good day,

I have previously been reading Swedenborg's work. I have found it to be incredibly enlightening, particularly his interpretations of the Bible, being a christian myself. But I subsequently found out, to my confusion from New-birth's website through channeled messages (of which I'm now a follower), that his teachings are erroneous. It was however not stated categorically which of the teachings are correct and which are erroneous. Are all his teachings erroneous or only certain aspects of them?

I must say that since I have begun the Divine Love journey I have experienced an increased amount of peace in my heart.

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Re: Errors in Swedenborg's work

Postby Geoff » Wed Apr 29, 2015 11:12 am

Dear Kampong,

One would have to make a detailed study to be sure of what errors he had, but I believe chief of these was his insistence on Jesus being part of the Prime Source in some way. Not being a Swedenborgian, I cant be more precise, but I believe he had some concept that differed from the orthodox Christian 3 in 1. However Jesus is a creation of God. Although, I would add, I have some sympathy with Swedenborg, as Jesus is a very exhalted and powerful personality.

Swedenborg was an immensely prolific writer, so I am sure he had a lot to say that would have been good. I am very happy to have a discussion here about his teachings, since as you point out, we do have a message from Swedenborg saying he was in error. I would think a key issue is what he taught about how one reaches "heaven". As you probably know, orthodoxy teaches the salvation by blood, and that is totally false, and a dangerous teaching, because it gives people the opinion that their sins will mysteriously be of no account, if they just have the "right" beliefs. I am not sure if Swedenborg also taught that.


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