Message about 'Will, Free Will and the meaning of 666'

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Message about 'Will, Free Will and the meaning of 666'

Postby WernerV » Sat Dec 27, 2014 9:47 am

December 21st, 2014


Received by WV.

Hello again my friend. I am very pleased to see you seize moments like this, so we can help you clarify the things we talk about and that you have come to see them as opportunities (to grow and progress), not as nuisances; also in the hope others will benefit from them too.

You knew, the moment we started to explain the concept of ’free will’, (some) people would not agree with what we told you; even you were not 100% sure whether you truly believed what we were telling you. It was only when I told you afterwards that this (previous sentence) was the reason you should believe (because what you ’believed’ was not 100% in accordance with what we wrote), that you started to accept it; and then we could transfer a large amount of information to you so you could see the bigger picture behind it.

[Yes, you needed a better opening first so we could pass on that information.]

It is very important to understand there is a big difference between ‘will’ and ‘free will’. Will is what we called the principle of choice in our previous message: it is every possibility, choice and action executable within the scope of love. Free will is the same as will but with the addition of being capable to move outside the laws of love (or the laws of the soul).

What’s also very important to know is: when we speak of love, we speak about much more than what the definition of the word love means. Love is a very broad form of energy made of multiple sub (energy) forms or subcategories. And the definition of love: “having affection for” - as most people use it - is only one of many subcategories. So you see, knowing and understanding the context and definition of the words used by others is an important part of understanding the context and meaning of the whole message.

Unfortunately, most people (including mediums) do not question that their definition of a word is the same as someone else’s, so they do not grasp the true meaning of what the other (man or spirit) is saying. This is also the reason why spirit messages are so different (in content) but can still be perceived as true (by the medium or others). The receiving person can feel the spirit influence and their love (and therefore conclude it is true) while they do not understand their words might not have the same meaning as the intended meaning or definition.

It is inherent to the human mind to fight all information that might cause its nullification. That is for example the true story behind why ‘666’ is the number of the beast. I can see you’re quite surprised. But let me explain what I mean, because it is completely in sync with the topic we are dealing with.

As you know 'Satan' never existed. But what you (and most others) don’t know is the original (666) story was used to portray the fall of the perfect natural man.

Those who understand anything about numerology know that the number six stands for harmony. Well then, number three refers to the existence of life as we know it: body, mind and soul. So 3 times 6 (or 666) means having harmony in body, mind and soul; thus, having the state of the perfect natural man. And it is, by no means, coincidence the sphere of the perfect natural man is the sixth one; the sphere of harmony.

So, in the original story, 'Satan' was not an angel but a perfect natural man who lost the state he was in by using his free will (his mind). He made choices (not in tune with the laws of the soul) that blocked the flow of love (to his soul) so the harmony (he was in) started to dissipate. Sounds familiar? The more harmony was lacking, the more the mind took over; and harmony became its worst enemy; because the mind loved the (unlimited) power and control it had. So every time the mind comes in contact with something (or someone) trying to re-establish harmony (hence it will lose some of its power and control) the mind (or the beast) retaliates, trying to keep the power on its side.

So you see, 666 is the number of the beast (or the mind); considering harmony of the body, mind and soul will lead to less power and control; the beast within (ourselves and others) will be summoned, trying to block us (and others) from finding and re-creating harmony. Since finding and re-establishing that harmony would result in less power and control over our own minds and that of others which would not be a good thing for the mind.

Now, besides giving you the true meaning behind the story of the number of the beast, we also wanted to use it to explain the message of free will in a different way. As you know we have already explained numerous times that 'Satan' (or 'Lucifer') does not exist. Furthermore we already explained (also through Mr. Padgett) it wouldn’t be possible for someone to become an angel and then all of a sudden decide to become mean and vicious again and leave the heavens he/she is in.

Well, the reason for that is because of the difference between will and free will. Free will - the ability to choose not to live according to the laws of love (or the soul laws) – is the reason why it is possible for the perfect natural man (and everybody beneath that level) to become less loving again. Especially in the physical, where the power of free will is strongest and the effects are not that outspoken (or felt) as in the spirit world. But, quite to your surprise, it is also the case within the spirit world. So, yes, it would be possible (theoretically) for someone within the spirit world to regress.

(Oh boy.)

[Laughs.] I understand your reaction.

(I can already imagine how some are going to react to this. LOL.)

[Laughs again.] So, why do I say theoretically? Because the reactions (or the effects) within the spirit world are so direct and outspoken that those who have experienced a more advanced way of living will not want to go back to a less loving way of living. Only those who are in bad shape will often remain there longer as needed because they choose to keep on using their free will to keep on living the unloving way they are used to (by laughing at others, trying to instigate others to do bad things, etc.).

But the proof of the ability of the spirit to regress can be found in stories like; the story about the inheritance of the flaws of the parents and grandparents and in the story about the regression of the first parents: Aman and Amon or in the story of the number of the beast, as we just explained it to you. Because all souls incarnate in their pristine state or condition but almost none can retain that state. And when the regression in the physical takes place, the regression in the spirit is also a fact considering they are in sync. Otherwise the man who lived an unloving life would find himself in the sixth sphere after leaving his physical life; which isn’t the case at all.

When you look at what I said in the beginning - that no angel has ever fallen out of heaven or regressed back to the lower spheres - you should come to understand why this would never (ever) be possible: because once one enters the celestial (or soul) spheres, the possibility to choose or act outside the scope of (the energy we call) love, is no longer possible. Meaning: free will (as we know it) no longer exists, since it has served its purpose and is no longer needed. It doesn’t mean one will become a slave of God without having the ability to choose freely. It means becoming one with Him, still being able to choose freely, but choosing and acting within the scope of love.

If it would have been possible to still choose or act outside the scope of love (= to use free will) once one becomes a celestial angel, the story of 'Satan' (or 'Lucifer') would have been right or at least possible or plausible. But the reason why we have said (so many times before) it is not possible at all, is because of this truth about free will.

Once one enters the celestial spheres, the body and mind are no longer essential to one’s existence and totally subordinate to one’s soul; which still possesses the gift of the will: the ability to act, think, behave and choose according to the laws of love.

As to what happens to a man when he dies and becomes his spirit, so will it also happen to the spirit who dies (a figurative spirit death) and becomes his soul. This is what the seventh sphere is for (or prepares us for): to pass on the principle of identification from the spirit to the soul; just as when the physical body dies, the principle of identification is passed on from the physical to the spirit. Hence, the last stage of the new birth - which was started by opening up the soul to receive its first speck of Divine Love - is now finalizing; and the soul is ready to enter the spheres of the soul or as most call them: the celestial spheres.

And so the speculations of some of the spirits in the sixth sphere that maybe one day the spirit body may also not exist - as the physical body once stopped to exist (for them) - are true. For only the soul has any significance in the life eternal; all the rest will only be remembered as a vague illusion of what once was.

I am glad we had this opportunity to share our knowledge with you again. Thank you for your time and effort in all of this. God bless you my friend. Have a nice and loving holiday season and enjoy your time on this earth. John.

(Merry Christmas everybody! :love: )

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Re: Message about 'Will, Free Will and the meaning of 666'

Postby seekerza » Fri Jan 02, 2015 12:48 am

Thank you Werner and John!

What an uplifting Christmas message! :kiss:

Much Love

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Re: Message about 'Will, Free Will and the meaning of 666'

Postby WernerV » Fri Jan 02, 2015 6:25 pm

You are welcome!

And a good health and lots of love in 2015 for you and everybody else on this forum too!!!!

Big hug, Werner.

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