Spiritual food

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Spiritual food

Postby WernerV » Thu Feb 20, 2014 9:28 am

I have no control over what other people think, say or do.
I can only try to be the best I can be and keep on doing what I feel I must do
so the thinking, saying or doing of others will never control me.

Love and hugs, Werner.

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Re: Spiritual food

Postby pc10282013 » Mon Feb 24, 2014 1:45 am

There are times when people force us to wrong things. If I were forced to kill someone, I would kill myself rather than live. I would rather live a lowly life than receiving a Medal of Honor. I hate killing people.

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Re: Spiritual food

Postby Geoff » Mon Feb 24, 2014 8:18 am

Dear pp,

pc10282013 wrote:There are times when people force us to wrong things.

Actually no one can really force you to do anything. It may look like that though. Even if someone physically manipulates you, that does not constitute "forcing you", because you did not choose that action.

pc10282013 wrote: If I were forced to kill someone, I would kill myself rather than live. I would rather live a lowly life than receiving a Medal of Honor.

Well avoiding killing someone is a wise choice, but you would find that taking your own life would not actually be much better. My own sister suicided, and it is a horrible tale, that thank God is now over. But it took years.

pc10282013 wrote:I hate killing people.

That sounds like you might be a vet? Not the animal loving kind though.

Love commands the universe. Man only resorts to control when love is missing.

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Re: Spiritual food

Postby Tim » Fri Feb 28, 2014 4:20 pm

Hi All,

That’s solid wisdom, Werner. Thanks for sharing.

Your post reminded me of a quote I recorded while reading a book a while back:

“Wise is the mind that lets every other mind alone.”
- Justin Titus (Eternal Progression)

While I was looking for that one, I found this, also pertinent:

“Every man follows his own heart; it will be solved not by changes of administrations, not by fixing this law or that ordinance. Laws and ordinances are effective as they grow out of the wills and ideas of a people. No society can be made right mechanically; the right comes vitally by your hearts being set upon it; by its ideas becoming the passion of your whole being. For man to change his environments and begin life anew, he must be propelled by entirely different motives and seeking aims quite different than those once set before him. Men turn from self seeking to serve their fellows, and things incredible to those who have never experienced it, they find a deep satisfaction and keep joy in the one as in the other.”
- (Swedenbourg through William W Aber, The Dawn of Another Life, 1910)

I hope everyone is having a great day, filled with blessings, wherever you are!


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Re: Spiritual food

Postby Doles » Fri Feb 28, 2014 4:39 pm

Dear Tim,
What a powerful couple of quotes you got there! The first one hits me like a ton of brick. I must say that I've had discussions with a few souls along the line of the second quote...not that I knew of it before though... as I subscribe to it entirely. I know we take these things for granted as we usually look for displays of power when judging realities, but these are deep, deep wisdom in my humble opinion.
Blessings To All!

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