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Postby pc10282013 » Mon Feb 17, 2014 8:42 pm

Recently I found this girl, and her life seemed very familiar to me:
*She and I seem to have interest in drawing.
*Both of us have suffered emotionally in our personal lives.
*She had no friends, I was a loner. Some root for me, but I don't feel close to them. I rarely feel comfortable around people. I feel awkward talking to them. She, on the other hand, unfortunately was bullied.
*She never eats in the cafeteria, neither do I. She eats in the counselor's office to avoid anyone. I fast throughout the school day and find peace in the library.
*Both of us have pondered on suicide.
I understand that not all soulmates have love on first sight, but her life is very similiar to mine. I keep thinking on this question since I noticed her a few months ago.

Is there a possible chance she is my soulmate? If I had some divine love, do we both share it because we were one in the beginning?

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Re: Soulmate

Postby Geoff » Mon Feb 17, 2014 9:38 pm

Dear pc,

I would not bet on it. And from the sounds of it both of you have some emotional work to do before you should be looking for the challenges of a relationship. Of course that never stops anyone, but after a lifetime I can see that when we don't need anyone because we are sufficient and balanced then we are probably best at sustaining a relationship without it being based on need.

The soul mates concept is not one for this world. Its irrelevant here. Its also common enough that you would not be attracted to your soulmate and of course finally its possible for the soulmate to be of the same sex while incarnated. Of course in spirit thats irrelevant, only personality is evident.

If I had some divine love, do we both share it because we were one in the beginning?

No, and sadly it does happen that one of the pair will refuse the gift, and that means they will be separated, if not for eternity, certainly for a very long time. And you were not really one, excepting that pre-incarnation you were in intimate connection. But no different to twins in the womb.

However it makes sense that you are drawn to this girl as you would have much in common. But that commonness belies issues that both of you need to work on. This is the challenge for an adult. While it may have been no fault of yours that life dealt you a raw prawn, as an adult you have to cook that prawn.

Love commands the universe. Man only resorts to control when love is missing.

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