I don't seem to have felt any love

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I don't seem to have felt any love

Postby pc10282013 » Mon Feb 17, 2014 2:20 am

I have tried praying for divine love over the course of a few weeks, nothing really happened. Does a every person have a different rate of receiving it? Is there anything wrong with me? Should I give it some more time?

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Re: I don't seem to have felt any love

Postby Geoff » Mon Feb 17, 2014 8:36 am

Dear PC,

This is a question we all ask. The answer is that people do vary, and I believe that some people hardly discern it at all, but frankly thats not something I would want to hear.

The issue is that this is not achieved by approaching Father/God mindally. You have to make the approach from love - from an emotional basis. That can be hard for some people, especially if life has dealt you blows to self esteem, or perhaps shown you few examples of real love.

Regarding how long? Well it took me about three weeks of determined trying - three times a day. Sometimes more than an hour at a go. I did use the prayer. But I had to cheat to make a break through. I did that by thinking of the individual I loved the most in my life (my son) and then switching from that nice glowing spot, to thinking of Father, because I found it very difficult to love something so distant. Of course now that it is years later, Father does not feel at all distant to me.

But other people have told me they felt it the first time they tried. :roll:

Love commands the universe. Man only resorts to control when love is missing.

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