I really don't want to be reincarnated

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Re: I really don't want to be reincarnated

Postby AlFike » Tue Jan 14, 2014 6:56 pm

I've just read this thread and loving it. Sorry that I have not been on here sooner but as Arie says...life happens. I think the issue of reincarnation is irrelevant since we are all here now and need to make the most of that fact. Whether we have been here before does not play a significant role in the present day although many like to rationalize their misfortunes by saying that this is the result of past Karma. There is Karma in the world but this comes from all the energetic imprints of all the past deeds of all the generations that have preceded us. I think possibly that these thought forms are what people are tuning into in so called past life regressions. Doles, you can believe whatever you want in this arena so please don't feel inhibited. We are not motivated by fear here just love. We will all come to the truth in our own way and own time and what we believe today may change tomorrow as our souls progress in the Love.

Thank you Arie for your report on Blackpool. Yes it was an amazing experience and to have met you and Marion was a real highlight for Jeanne and I. More of these retreats are coming as we are planning on living in Blackpool part time this year and develop a spiritual healing center there in the near future. Tentative plans are to have another Divine Love retreat there sometime in August. Keep your ear to the ground for more info. Are you considering coming to Washington in September? I think that one will also be amazing. So much is going on as you have indicated and these are indeed exciting times. They're even getting a retreat together in Australia. I think this will begin to happen all over the world and I am very happy that it is. We need the fellowship and this will draw in more folks. Who knows where this will take us.

It's good to be here and I hope to be here more often as this semi retired life may give me more time for this sort of thing. Hope to see you all on the Sanctuary site as well. Much love to you....Al

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Re: I really don't want to be reincarnated

Postby Arie » Sat Jan 18, 2014 11:04 am

Hi Al! Thank you so much for your kind words!

I only found your response yesterday, as I probably overlooked the notification.. And I don't really manage to be present on both forums either, as much as I would like to.. Well, in the end that doesn't really matter, does it :flower:

By the way, Geoff: I just love these smilies!! Can we have them on the DLSF-forum as well, please???

It was so nice to read this thread again and the conversation I had with Doles. Doles!!! Are you still there? Really hope so. Maybe you're reading all the wonderful postings on Al and Jeanne's forum, they're well worthwhile!!!

I was flying high in October, apparently :love: . Of course, having returned from Blackpool only a couple of days before ;)
Well, we're still going strong. A lot is building up here in Frankfurt. Next week on January 30th we'll have our 3rd little get-together; all very exciting and promising.

Al, I'm so thrilled to hear about your plans for Blackpool. That means you and Jeanne will be really close in the future. That's nice, that is really nice :banana: As soon as you have any dates, please let us know (I know about next February: if I wouldn't be gone with my school-choir I would probably have jumped on a plane to see you guys and Geoff :) ).

I don't know about Washington yet... For Marion it's very unlikely that she can make it as she's dependent on her employer for holidays, which almost certainly won't be in September.. In my case it actually depends on money.. We're both living on very little of that stuff and I'm afraid I won't be able to afford...

Well, as I said before: let's wait and see what the Angels have in store for us..

Bye for now :howdie: and thank you for being who you are.. (and that goes for all of you :cute: )


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Re: I really don't want to be reincarnated

Postby Geoff » Sat Jan 18, 2014 10:19 pm

Arie wrote:By the way, Geoff: I just love these smilies!! Can we have them on the DLSF-forum as well, please???

Technically yes, only its years and years since I loaded them here. I will give it a go.

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