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Re: Can we hear Father's Voice?

Posted: Mon Apr 30, 2012 4:12 am
by Stu
Hi everyone!

This has been an enlightening discussion, but I was a surprised by the limits of the logic Geoff described coming from some of the DL followers.
The idea we cannot hear from the Father because of the physical elements supposedly associated with automatic writing doesn't mesh with what Judas communicated August 23 2001. Granted this is not one of the Padgett messages, but many of us here, (myself included), hold them as almost equally remarkable:

"I’m going to tell you a little bit more about automatic writing.
Usually we understand under automatic writing that a spirit transmits his thoughts to a medium, and additionally moves the medium’s
hand in order to write the same thoughts on paper, or in modern times, via the keyboard. It is also common to imagine that the
hand’s automatic movement is so independent, that the medium may engage in a conversation with another person, while s/he is

There is the extreme case, where the medium’s hand moves automatically, but in reality it is not the spirit who is writing, but the
medium himself or herself, although totally without him/her being aware of it. In other words, this kind of medium possesses a high
degree of dissociative power, in the sense that his or her conscious actions may disconnect completely from his/her unconscious
actions. Hence the impression that the hand really moves automatically. Something similar, though not exactly the same, occurs when
an experienced pianist reads and plays a sheet of music new to him/her, and his/her fingers fly automatically over the keys in
order to play the corresponding notes s/he is reading, and only in complicated passages has to concentrate really in what his/her
hands are doing.

There is the other extreme where the medium perceives clear thoughts, and writes them down on paper or on the computer. It is like
a dictation received by a secretary.

Between both extremes there is a wide scale of different degrees of dissociation, as we have described it earlier. But all shades
of writing mediumship have in common that they fix thoughts formed in the medium’s brain."

So it appears the mechanism that results in automatic writing is not as physical as it is mental--the medium writes what is in the brain rather than a spirit guiding the hand. If we accept the limitation that the Father can only "speak" to the soul, the question becomes not whether the Father's spirit body physically assumes control of the medium's hand, but how well the medium's brain can "hear" his/her soul and write what is heard. We know the soul can communicate with the mind, therefore the Father absolutely can speak to us through automatic writing or soul to soul whenever we allow ourselves to hear Him.

Make your hands say what your heart has heard. Make your voice speak what your heart has heard.

I took that last quote out of the context of the original question it was meant to answer, (See Geoff's message at the start of this thread), but it sure seems to speak to the task of the medium, doesn't it?

Love to all!

Re: Can we hear Father's Voice?

Posted: Mon Apr 30, 2012 5:19 am
by Geoff
Dear Stu,

I must admit that the very notion that a Father cannot talk directly to His children strikes me as ridiculous as the notion that one man's blood can save billions of sinful souls from the divine justice they deserve.

But I think this issue may prove as divisive as any before it.


Re: Can we hear Father's Voice?

Posted: Tue May 01, 2012 5:38 pm
by Artistdeb
Okay, boys and girls I am hear to tell you God does indeed speak. The Voice of Love is the Voice of God. I know this voice. I listen to this voice. I heed this voice and I journal this voice. I have been awakened to this voice and it grows louder every day all because of the Father's great gift of Divine Love.

I am one of the children of the Father whom has answered his call and thus together we have written a book titled. Listen Hear, A Divine Love Story. I am to share this story with seekers, with those whom have ears yearning to hear. Perhaps by hearing my story, and listening to what I hear many others will come to know and trust in this amazingly abundant wisdom available for on high all delivered directly to one's heart. The mind has to be circumvented as God has hidden the spiritual wisdom from the intellect. We have to become like little children full of wonder. We can't know so much. What we have decided about God and Life limits our true knowing of the Truth that is.

I have just completed editing this manuscript and have it available as a PDF file. I will gladly e-mail my book to all that request, for no cost at this time, as it needs to be read and opening spoken about. God still speaks, it is man, the mind of man that can not hear. "Tell them," God says to me," tell them of my Love. Tell them of the great gift I have for them. Tell them I am hear, always near."

May your joy be full,
Debra Clemente

Re: Can we hear Father's Voice?

Posted: Tue May 01, 2012 6:03 pm
by James B
Hey Geoff!

This thread has taken a turn towards the depressing. I firmly believe that we're complicating the process by assigning meaning and value to previous messages more than is strictly necessary. God is GOD - he has administrative access to EVERYTHING. If He wants to speak (and he does, a lot and often!) then He will. I personally believe that the primary spirit contact of the medium will be whoever has the most impact in the medium's perception. In many minds Jesus will have more sway than the Father, and similarly any medium with a "favorite" apostle, saint, or similar person will more likely be contacted by them to aid in the overall communication.

I hear you about divisiveness, but it confuses me greatly. Jesus came and spoke of a connection to the Father without structure and ritual - without dogma. The Divine Love is not about dogma in the slightest, but contemplation and acceptance of a Divine Enigma. This notion of who can and cannot communicate with us stinks entirely too much of dogma. Enigma will take us where dogma cannot.


Re: Can we hear Father's Voice?

Posted: Tue May 01, 2012 11:05 pm
by Geoff
Dear Deb,

Welcome, and thank you for your post. I removed the email, as it will just result in you getting spammed by bots. Anyone who is a member here can contact you via the board, either pm or email. But its good to see an old friend over "here". I would love to read your manuscript.

Dear James,

The depressing thing is not here, but the emails I am getting, literally almost harassment. Even Joseph's BEAUTIFUL message did not get THROUGH. Why? No idea. Surely we should rejoice if we can hear directly from Father?


Re: Can we hear Father's Voice?

Posted: Wed May 02, 2012 2:47 am
by James B
That sucks, Geoff.

Hopefully the obvious quality of the messages will win people over. If not, you've done all you can.

Re: Can we hear Father's Voice?

Posted: Wed May 02, 2012 4:38 am
by William
Geoff that is sad to hear about the emails etc. your getting. No one has to read or believe anything. I don't know why anyone feels the need to even respond if it doesn't agree with them.
I enjoy them and they have a loving message each time for me. The most recent "Willingness" really has me thinking. Where is the start and the end of that message. Thought provoking, and challenging.
Keep them coming
And thanks to those involved

Re: Can we hear Father's Voice?

Posted: Wed May 02, 2012 4:49 am
by Geoff
William wrote: I don't know why anyone feels the need to even respond if it doesn't agree with them.

aah well it comes with running a web site that others perceive as publishing "untruth".


Re: Can we hear Father's Voice?

Posted: Wed May 02, 2012 6:13 am
by Zara Borthwick
Hi all,
'Can we hear the Father's voice?' Let us add the question, can we experience the Father's Love?

From the standpoint of never having heard about the Divine Love and what this Love gives to the soul, the whole idea about experiencing the Love of God may seem like an impossible dream. We know much about the context of what the Divine Love brings and the far-reaching truths that define the experience of the Father's Divine Love personalised in our lives. From a natural love standpoint of view, first hearing about the Divine Love seems 'amazing' if not unbelievable!

To hear the Father's voice may seem at first unbelievable. We know that human experience is derived mostly from our natural love until we become aware that another Love is present that we can participate with and this Love begins to change our soul condition. In human history, if everyone could hear the Father's voice, it was only Jesus who could in actual fact receive and learn of the truths that the Father gave awareness to him to then give this awareness to humankind and spirits alike.

One of the contrasting differences between our human experience and that of a spirit's experience is time.

So many of us would like to believe that we are receiving a message that benefits our progress however this spirit communication falls into our human experience of past-present and future time. A Celestial spirit whose soul condition is changed from the receipt of the Father's Divine Love is not bound by their past conditions of memory and mortal experience nor are they worried or anxious about their future ... they have no materialistic or physical concerns that shape their experience of time, thereby shaping their leadings received from the Father.

So dynamic are the attributes of the Father that communication is happening all the time between the Father and Celestial spirits and in their soul-Soul communication, the present would have its own voice true and perfect and in the language of Love and Spirit. There is no doubt that God - the Universal Father - speaks to individuals and that we can hear the voice of God, we only need to progress in our soul condition so that we may become aware and sufficiently accepting that the one true God is actually communicating Love to us. There is a good message that Jesus conveys to James Padgett which underlines the essence of soul-Soul communication and I suggest to read the whole message so that this part of the message has context:

Jesus: 31 January, 1915

No man has ever heard the voice of God, for He has no voice. He works in a silent mysterious way, through the operation of His soul upon the soul of men, just as the coming of the Holy Ghost at Pentecost. While the Bible says that there was a noise as of a mighty wind, yet that was not perceptible to the physical ears of the disciples, but in their souls they felt the presence of such a manifestation, and in order to have mankind understand that there was this wonderful manifestation, they used the imagery of the voice of a mighty wind. So man must understand that God speaks to man through His angels, or through the communication of His Soul and theirs.

With love,

Re: Can we hear Father's Voice?

Posted: Wed May 02, 2012 7:34 am
by Geoff
Dear Zara,

Thank you for that, but I am not sure what your answer is. That quote you have has already been quoted as evidence why we can't hear Father's Voice.

Jesus: 31 January, 1915

No man has ever heard the voice of God, for He has no voice.

Perhaps you could just tell us which side of the debate you are joining?