About why it takes so long on Earth to be born again

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About why it takes so long on Earth to be born again

Postby Geoff » Sun Sep 26, 2021 11:30 pm

I received an email asking this question, and noting that in the Spirit World Helen did this inside a year. This was my answer:

There are several issues:

    How old you are when you start to get real about soul transformation

    What society you were brought up in

    What your family and family life was like

    Influences outside the family in ones early years

Next an explanation as to why it’s easier in the spirit heavens to progress. Fundamentally it’s because of the way the heavens work. When you reach the third, you are only amongst people at that level and walking the same path. This is an awesome support group with good enough examples of being loving all the time. This is even more pronounced in the Fifth and Seventh.

Next you have available Celestial guides and your communication with them is perfect. You can identify what you need to change plus how best to do that.

Come back to Earth now. We have major issues identifying unloving behaviour that is entrenched from our early years. For myself I was subject to bullying both at home and at school and later boarding school. There are four ways to react to that aggression. Flight, Freeze, Fawn or Flee. I have an absolutely automatic fight response. It has caused me significant health issues all related to my spirit body and physical body holding these negative energies. I am absolutely committed to change, and slowly I am but it’s very very hard to change ingrained behaviour.

Now at least I have committed to change anything and every thing that stands between me and my goal. Many people just refuse at a subconscious level. There are some long term Divine Love followers of 30 and 40 years who are basically not growing because they don’t want to change. To those people they like who they are. Now this can include dietary habits too because you have to have a healthy body.

Now the later in life you start, and I started at 55, you have 55 years of error (compensation) to deal with before you even move forward. You have to revisit all the stuff ups you made and make peace with anyone who was involved. Not necessarily face to face but certainly within.

I hope that helps

By the way I think it’s possible to get a heck of a long way - like maybe the top of the fifth - in say 8 to 10 years. I wasted 10 years because oldtimers believed that you don’t need to actually do anything except pray. There are many that still believe that.

Take care

I could also have explained that this is because we are in 3D, and when we move to 5D, which is expected perhaps over the next 100 years,it all changes. Because everyone on Earth will be loving.
Love commands the universe. Man only resorts to control when love is missing.

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