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Curious stuff

Posted: Wed Feb 13, 2013 9:38 pm
by Geoff
As those who follow the Padgett Messages know, we rely on the ability of mediums to obtain material. Our "truth" does not rely on that process however, not at all. Our Truth is that which resonates with our souls. And having observed many many medium's work, we know full well that some of the stuff they get is absolutely wrong. We understand that is because these communications have to go through the mind/brain of the human, and that the problem lies there. That's of course assuming you are talking to a spirit that does know what it is talking about. And the problem is that the human is not open minded, and is forcing their received information into that pot they call "truth".

But I would not have thought that visions would have the very same problem. But it seems they do. I was struck by a few NDE stories that have been published, as well as other accounts I have read where the individual reports they met Jesus and he told them.... something along the lines of... that his blood saves them. Which we know to be false. It is of course not surprising that these orthodox Christians who report these visions are greatly comforted by these visions. And there is no way we are ever going to be able to explain to them that their visions are warped by the same mental processes that cause so many individuals to be poor mediums. I wonder how much more upset some of them will be on arriving in the spirit spheres to say "But I saw Jesus and he told me...."