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Metatron channeling

Posted: Mon Jan 30, 2012 11:28 pm
by Geoff
a message from Metatron

channeled by Tyberonn

Friday, 19 November, 2010

Question: A reader has sent in the following question, and is in termoil over the issue. Does the phenomenon of demonic possession or possession from outside entities truly exist? Does psychic attack exist?
Metatron: Ah, this is a most complex area. But we will attempt to answer in simplicity. So as to the first question: Throughout the past 3500 years, especially peaking in medieval times, possession was thought to be a very real phenomena, and in fact , portions of your churches had specialists who were dedicated to the removal and casting out of demons and devils. Not only were Christians taught to be fearful of such 'evil entities' but certain indigenous groups and pagan groups also accepted this belief.

That you term 'evil' does indeed exist in duality, it is a function of free choice. Your history records many horrific wars and inhumane dictators and leaders who have enacted catastrophic atrocities. In your terms these men were evil.

The earth is a duality planet with the complete requisite electro-magnetic spectrum in 3d that contains by definition a positive and negative field.

But understand this, no real demons or devils exist other than the ones you create in your thoughts and beliefs in duality. But negative thought-forms are indeed created through your own fears and angers that can amass into varying degrees of independently aware negative energies. Such is the power of thought. Because your planet contains both spectrums there are indeed energy forms that amass in the 'negative' field and when encountered they feel quite imbalanced and quite opposed to ones optimal sense of well-being, but at its core this is electrical and not demonic.

Now, there are certain Devic energies that are within their electrical nature of the 'negative' end of the spectrum. There are also fields of electrically negative energies that naturally occur , and are part of the spectrum that balances what you would term 'positive electrical fields'.

But understand from the truer perspective and higher aspect, none of these are truly demons, none of these can truly 'possess' you. However these can and do attach to auric fields that are open due to human EMF (Auric) circuitry malfunction. Indeed in many cases it is the very fear of these that opens your field and allows these forms to attach. That is why it is vitally important to understand how to maintain your etheric electro-magnetic field or Aura.

It is unfortunate scenario of syntax that some well meaning healers and metaphysicians interpret auric bleeding, auric mal-circuitry and the resulting electro-magnetic attachments of parasitic energy fields and thought- forms that occasionally occur , as possession or demons. For although they may be correctly surmising an energetic malady, they are erroneous in the actual diagnostic description and treatment if and when they claim to be removing demons.

Such misaligned 'healings' , whilst they can offer some temporary relief, can also lead to greater auric bleeding by exacerbating the core issue thru further reinforcing the basic fear in the client - with terminology of demon exorcisms . Healers can assist in offering energy, but to an extent even that is treating the symptom and not the cause. The cause is always an open auric field, and when that is explained by the savant healer it can assist the person to resolve the core issue themselves. When an auric field in integrally intact, you see, no negative energy form can attach. Period.

Now, let us be clear, gifted healers are indeed able to assist in healing and in so doing offer a valuable assistance. And if the healer were to fully understand the true 'Auric Maintenance ' process, they would also seek to empower the client with the tools for the intact aura. But the person with the issue must then empower themselves by talking appropraite action.

Anyone with an open aura is bleeding energy, and are vulnerable to attachments, fears and delusion. They can become unconscious 'energy takers'. Likewise a healer who reinforces the idea that demons are possessing them further weakens the client, and inadvertently or purposely takes more energy from the client, and created a dependence. Some can become addicted to taking that power. This also can occur with 'gurus' who become energy takers of their followers when the ego becomes inflated.

You meet your own denied power....whenever you find yourself in a situation where you feel helpless or immersed in a situation that frightens you. And the fact is that many people have physical symptoms or suffer unpleasant situations because they are afraid to utilize their own power of action.

In the great majority of cases, the person that has attachments is dealing with and confronting the rebound of their own negative energy creations. And these negative forms attach and feed on energy due to Auric bleeding due to Auric mal- circuitry caused by any number of self induced conditions, varying from fear, self-denial, self-hatred, jealousy, depressions, anxieties, angers and any array of negative projections that short circuit and thus fissure-open the auric field to energy leakage.

In your system of three-dimensional reality you are learning about mental (thought creative wave) energy and how to responsibly use it. So please be aware that learning the basics of auric maintenance is an essential tool that allows for self empowerment, and indeed, for lack of a better term, self protection.

And when people become dependent on others to heal them, that in itself can in some cases lead to untoward dependence on others via self- disempowerment.

So it is important that each person take ownership of their power, and use discernment. Do not place the words of gurus, healers, psychologists, friends, or even my words above your inner voice of discernment of your own Divine Self. While you can learn much from others it must resonate... the deepest knowledge must ever come from within yourself.

Be aware that 'psychic attack' in your vernacular does occur, but is better described as as the confrontation of wills and learning via experimentation with the full spectrum of duality-polarity forces.

Very often when another seeks to control you, or vice-versa, a 3rd chakra attachment occurs that attempts to impose ones will over another. But this is easily prevented by an intact auric field, the mechanics of such optimal maintenance is taught in the Level One of the Metatronic Keys.

( Inserted Editors Note - See Metatron Channels "Auric Maintenance 101 and "13-20-33: Optimal Auric Circuitry". Both are available in "Metatron Speaks' and "Alchemy of Ascension" Additionally the comprehensive class on Auric Maintenance is taught in the course, 'Metatronic Keys Level -1' and is also available in DVD)

That you term 'Evil' does not truly exist above the levels of duality. And indeed duality has a great design, a true purpose in this context. It is cause and effect, and these are great teachers. You are here to learn how to create responsibly, and thus humanity can and does create negative energies and enact harm to one another in their path to learning how to utilize love. But all that is created in negativity must be resolved and inevitably each person each individual will face, confront and eventually resolve every whit of negative energy they create. It is the golden rule of the Law of Attraction, of "what goes around comes around".

And so in the learning process of creation, the electrically "negative" subjective and objective events that you confront will absolutely make you examine the contents of your own conscious mind and mental projections. From the higher perspective, even the hateful or revengeful thoughts, through cause and effect, action and result, can be seen as one form of therapy, for if one follows them, the very misery they create will motivate you into resolution, albeit a hard modality for the learning path.

Re: Metatron channeling

Posted: Sat Nov 14, 2015 2:27 am
by jmmagno30
I learn from this message... now i have no fear.

Re: Metatron channeling

Posted: Sat Nov 14, 2015 10:41 pm
by Geoff
Hi Manny,

Fear is indeed dangerous, but its also wise to be cautious in this area. We have plenty of psychic support available if we walk the straight and narrow. If however you indulge in narcotics, overuse alcohol and such, the auric field is weakened. Even an anaesthetic can cause issues, and much of that happens in hospitals where spirits who have just passed may be found looking around trying to figure out what to do. They can attach out of ignorance.