Gone West

This forum is for any discussion about dark or negative entities, and the impacts they can have.
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Gone West

Postby Geoff » Fri Nov 20, 2009 1:16 am

Gee this is an amazing book. Amazing on many fronts:

1. Has a very clear explanation that beyond the Spirit Spheres exists another realm, and one which requires a "second death" to enter, and one which is a one way process, as also is only open to those who want to progress there. What JP called the Celestial Realm.

2. Very good explanations of the astral plane, that part of the earth plane were we mostly travel at night, and where a great many go directly after death. It seems we need an astral body to be there, and that this is quite different to the spirit body used in the Spirit spheres, meaning that there are often vacant Astral shells in this plane. That gives rise to phenomenon such as ghosts that seem to be very stupid, but it also allows dark entities to stay in the earth plane much longer than they otherwise could, by taking over that shell. Also has explanations of possession, and elementals.

3. Astounding descriptions and explanations of "hell". Nothing I have ever read is this clear an explanation. Finally I begin to understand how it can be that a dark spirit can have more power than some of us. We see that in some of JP's diary, where dark spirits sometimes clearly trouble his gate keepers. Also interesting that when a dark spirit decides to repent, and wants out of hell, that they lose the power they had, and actually have a worse time until they get out.

4. Yet to read, but there will be descriptions of higher spheres too.
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