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Re: Spirit to Mortal Conference in 2012

Posted: Tue Feb 28, 2012 12:40 am
by bmfoster
I have been ask to share this message From Brother Bartholomew, who is in the 5th Celestial Sphere and he is advising us to watch Keisha’s Crowther, Little Grandmother, wisdom keeper and Sharman videos on the pole shift and 2012. He advised us to listen with our soul and not our mind.

This is Bartholomew
Hi my brother, how are you?
Oh Brenda, I am Feeling good what about you?
I am feeling great; welcome

I was listening to you and Sandra talk about the energies, and I want to tell that, People are wondering what is wrong with them, why do they feel this way and that way and they don’t have any answers; but you have the answer now.
That is why we come to your group first.

The energy that Keisha talks about in her videos has been happening for a period of time now. This is to let people who don’t understand their sickness, it is to help them understand that they are not truly sick. It is that their bodies that are changing and being prepared to be able to withstand the pole Shift.

There are lots of people coming over who feel that they should still be alive on the earth, but their bodies could not take what is going on , could not cope with the new energies that are being release into the atmosphere. Because of the sudden shift in the energies the menopause that people go through sometime made one ill, but now it seems that the body cannot take the menopausal shutdown in some people who are not strong due to these energies. Even the men are dropping, and are not aware of what is happening to them.

We won’t go to people who think they know everything; because to hear Keisha now, some would think that she is stupid, but she is not stupid, and they should take heed. That is why we more come to your group in Barbados, than go to the others overseas.

Brenda, Ap. Paul, was the one who guided you to the video and for you to put it back in view on the site;
I know that others will not want to believe this young lady Keisha. So we are glad that you and the others here took note of what she is saying and know that it is true.
Let your soul listen and believe with your soul not the mind. Why I said that is because your soul knows the truth. Our Father does not want His children to be scared and coming home like this; and not understand why.

No one knows the time or date Mother Earth will shift; only she knows when she will shift.
So we ask you to lean on the Father more and embrace Him with Faith. You need to have Faith.

Your Brother in Christ

Re: Spirit to Mortal Conference in 2012

Posted: Tue Feb 28, 2012 2:08 am
by Geoff
Keisha Crowther

This is an extremely moving video. Here is another one, later it seems perhaps:


Re: Spirit to Mortal Conference in 2012

Posted: Tue Feb 28, 2012 3:11 am
by Geoff
Geez this lady is so good:

Re: Spirit to Mortal Conference in 2012

Posted: Tue Feb 28, 2012 3:27 pm
by bmfoster
Dear Geoff,

Thanks for adding the Videos. I did not want to add them without your permission.
Much love

Re: Spirit to Mortal Conference in 2012

Posted: Tue Feb 28, 2012 6:01 pm
by Doles
Hi all,
Forgive my ignorance, but you would mind giving some background information to affirm the authenticity of this lady? I mean, I am serious person and tend to take everything with a grain of salt. Should it be the case for this one or is there more to it? This is one website I put a lot of trust in, thus I tend to lean towards many things that come from it. But since this is the first I've heard of her (from this site and Spiritual Enlightenement Community), I would like to know if this is a new phenomenon or what.

Re: Spirit to Mortal Conference in 2012

Posted: Tue Feb 28, 2012 10:04 pm
by Geoff
Dear Doles,

She is brand new to me. I know no more of her than one can discern from the videos. I first heard of her via Brenda.

And, like anything else, you need to listen with your heart, and decide for yourself.

I find this lady talking with a very genuine love about a lot of things. Many things she talks about, I have verified for myself elsewhere. ET's, crop circles, dolphins, whales. She does talk about some things I never heard anywhere else, and that means I tend to put those "on hold" till I get some verification.

I expect something to happen "soon", and you will see FAB has had a number of enigmatic messages suggesting as much. Will it be a "pole" shift? I can't say. Will a pole shift happen as she says? I plan to do some research on that, because I understood a pole shift is the reversal of the magnetic poles, and did not mean the surface of the earth changes position, as she seems to say. But yes, science confirms we have had magnetic pole shifts before. But even in Padgett is a message suggesting Greenland was once not icy : I assume he's talking about Greenland, because as best I know the North Pole is all water and ice - no land there.

I was quite sad to hear she visited the Central Coast last year, and I had no idea she was here in Australia.