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Public Notice

Posted: Wed Jul 25, 2018 12:22 am
by Geoff
In the last few years several long time Divine Love people that I have known, have passed over. And then individuals that I also know of, but whose mediumship I regard as suspect or perhaps poor, have purported to receive messages from these individuals totally at variance with what we knew of them during their life and at variance with what Divine Love mediums I trust, have received from them after their passing.

In short some of these mediums are seriously damaging the memory we have of these wonderful folks. However we know that these messages are wrong, but it seems a great many others do not. I fully expect, since I have a relatively high profile in the Divine Love movement, that this fate could befall me. In short that I will be a target after my death. So here is what I intend to do.

After my death I will only speak through Al Fike who lives in Gibsons, British Columbia. If I decide, after my death, that I will speak through someone else, then I will FIRST advise Al Fike that I plan to do this. As I am 72, and expect to be here another ten years, this is advance notice. If Al Fike passes before me (Geez not wishing this on my buddy who is 65 this week) I will speak through Maureen Cardoso of Vancouver. The same approach will be adopted.

So if anyone claims to have heard from me after death, and neither of these two mediums have received PRIOR advice from me, these mediums are NOT speaking with me, but with some other deceptive spirit.

In the Father's Love.