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New Messages

Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2015 5:45 am
by Geoff
While my new web site is in final checking, I am not updating the old one. So any new messages will be posted here:


Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Location: Gibsons, BC
Date: June 21, 2015

My dear students, it is your teacher Augustine. I wish to present a lesson to you, beloved students, and this lesson will be given in the form of a metaphor. Every soul is given the gift of life and if one thinks of this gift as an apple and this apple is bruised, as many souls are bruised by the conditions of this world, and rather than going to your Heavenly Father for healing for this bruised part, one nurtures this bruise and holds dear this pain that comes from the hurtful conditions of this world, and in holding on, the bruise within the apple spreads and the corruption spreads within, and there is further bruising, and further commiserating, and grasping on, and holding on dearly to these conditions and feelings of pain until the entire apple is corrupted and life becomes a thing different from what is meant to be, as this apple becomes something that once was fresh and beautiful and now withered. So, my beloveds, when you pray for the Father’s Love you add more life and healing to who you are, healing those bruised parts within, making right those difficult and hurting places.

And this has been your choice and a good choice. But for some of you who deal with this bruising, it is still very much a part of their being and a motivation, and yes some desire for God to make things right but they do not know how to do so. Instead they make choices from that place that is dark and hurting and they do not see clearly through their pain and their confusion.

And so these conditions build within each soul and many, many, many souls upon this planet are acting from these hurtful places. When those you are dealing with act in this way and hurt is spread from one to another it is difficult, I understand it is difficult, to discern, to understand, what is the motivation, why are these actions so confusing? Have compassion for those who live their lives from that place of pain and confusion. They cry out to God for God to take from them that which they find difficult, yet God cannot take from a soul their pain unless they receive His gift of Love, unless they are willing to change their ways, to open themselves to greater truth and understanding. And this takes work and time and effort and prayer. It is a gradual healing, a restoration of all of those corrupt places within. One cannot expect an instantaneous healing and for their lives to be miraculously changed to something that is less difficult and painful. It is an incremental, but steady, restoration from darkness to Light, from error to Truth, from anger and judgment to Love and joy. Each of you has experienced this process. Each of you knows this truth and you cannot expect others who are caught up primarily within the conditions of darkness to change their ways so readily and quickly. It does indeed take time and effort and prayers.

Have compassion, my beloveds. Know that in time God will touch every soul, restore that soul to purity. And the timing of this is dependent upon the desire of the soul, and the effort of the soul, and the choice of the soul to follow the Path that is natural or the Path that is Divine. Continue with your efforts beautiful souls to pray for the Love, to have faith that God is restoring you within and bringing you the wholeness, the beauty, the purity that is intended for you and will in time take you beyond even this to a place that is at one with Him. God bless you, beloved students. God bless you. Your teacher Augustine loves you and is with you in your struggles, your prayers, in the challenges of your life, in the joys of your life. I love you. God bless you.

Re: New Messages

Posted: Wed Jul 08, 2015 3:16 am
by Geoff
Spirit: Alec Gaunt
Medium: Al Fike
Location: Gibsons, BC
Date: July 6, 2015

Alec here, God bless you my friends and may your souls be full to the brim of God’s Love. You have been discussing changes in the Earth and I am sad to say that these changes will continue to accelerate. The climate within this world will change dramatically as you have already witnessed. The Earth will become warmer and this will set off chain reactions that will melt the ice and cause further warming and greater disruptions. And the very core of the Earth is shifting and changing and this will cause further disruptions. You will have much to deal with in the future and I do not say this to cause fear and anxiety within you, for as you maintain your connection with your Creator you will be protected and guided through all of these obstructions and cataclysms and problems.

Yes the Earth responds to mankind’s neglect and greed and the imbalance is caused by so many insensitive reactions and choices. But in the end through this time of transition and change there will be peace and there will be balance. God will maintain His creation in the beauty that is meant to be sustained. God is pouring His Light, His Blessings of Love, and His Spirit of change is working upon every element, every atom, every part of this Earth and those who dwell upon it. And you all feel to some degree the effects of this, and this will intensify and this change will continue for much of your life upon this planet. But in the flow of this change there will be great opportunities for you who desire to be channels of Love, teachers of Truth, who desire to be of assistance to usher in new consciousness, new awarenesses, new truth to mankind. There will be opportunities, abundant opportunities and you will be guided to be in places with people, in situations which will have a great effect and cause a shift in consciousness in the world, and you will join with many others who are in this world at this time who have chosen this time to bring and usher in change in the world as have you all chosen this purpose, this role.

And each of you has struggled for the Light, has desired to be close to God, to come to know Truth and harmony and peace within yourselves, and you will share this in these hard times and you will be given the opportunities to do so in many different ways, in many different places in the world. A great work awaits the willing, those who choose to walk this road, to have a deep compassion and Love for your brothers and sisters, to have a deep and abiding Love for your Heavenly Father, to be educated in ways that will convey the Truth to those who have ears to listen, and eyes to see, and souls receptive. You are all being prepared, you have been for many years and what we have told you in the past is coming to fruition. And you will all come to see this in greater clarity and in this clarity will come peace, and a great calm, and an understanding of what you are to do.

Much awaits. We in spirit are in alignment with you on Earth to bring change and healing and balance to this dear Earth. This is God’s Will and you will come to know this as the days and weeks and months and years progress in your life and in your time. Have joy, my children, my friends, for you do indeed live in interesting times, a great shift of consciousness in the world, a great shift in how the world is and all its workings. And you will have the blessing of knowing what this is and what it means. How many in this world will know? Very few and you will convey this knowledge, this understanding and bring comfort to many and show many the way to Truth, the way to Love, the way to give back to this beautiful Earth.

Much is in its beginnings and there is much more to know and to learn, there is much more Love to be had within you, an expansion of your awareness that comes from the soul filled with God’s Love, and we will assist you every step of the way, every breath you take, every thought that you have will have within it some of our influence, a seed of Truth, a grain of Light.

Continue in your prayers, seek your Heavenly Father with all your hearts and souls, all your yearnings and longings and you will be given to, and cared for, and blessed mightily, for your time has come, and God gives what you require, to be His instruments of Light and change and Love in this world. Perk up your ears, open your eyes, pray your prayers in sincere and earnest longing and my words will ring true and you will come to know your true selves and true purpose in this world. God bless you, your beloved friend Alec is with you always and I love you dearly.

God bless you.

Re: New Messages

Posted: Thu Jul 09, 2015 5:11 am
by Geoff
Spirit: Joseph Smith
Medium: Al Fike
Location: Gibsons, BC
Date: June 15, 2015

I am Smith, Joseph Smith, and I was talked about not too long ago amongst you and the great Mormon faith which I founded and I wish to make some commentary upon your conversation. I am now in the Celestial Heavens. I have adopted the truth of Divine Love and though I had glimpses of this Truth while on Earth, I did not fully understand the workings of this Love, the importance of this Love. And yes the angels did indeed come to support me and influence me in my work in creating this great church. But now I see that this church and its workings have become too infected by the human condition. It is indeed a great machine desirous of consuming all of humanity in what it perceives to be the truth. And its workings are complex and its understandings unfortunately contain more error than truth.

And so it is with many religions that are organized in the world. The will of man usurps the Will of God. The imaginings and ideas of men create falsehoods and misinterpretations of the laws and Love of God and His workings and creation. And I wish to say to you, my son, continue to challenge that which you see is error, for if you do so in Love and integrity you will make some change which is necessary. And although you rail against a great structure that has great power and momentum, your voice will be heard amongst those who are in contact with you within that church. And I would urge you to pray earnestly for the Father’s Love. There is no greater blessing in all of creation, no more wondrous journey than this. And if you, who says you are a part of this church, become an example of Love and Truth within it you will have an opportunity to change the conditions within it.

Each soul has its challenges in the world. Some move independently and are not concerned about community, some seek community and long for that fellowship and are willing to abdicate their desire to seek truth in a clear way and adopt that which they are told to be true. Yet I see amongst you a great Light and a desire for Truth. You not only seek this within yourselves but you seek it together and this is a true church, a church of Love, a community in fellowship that seeks Light and true understanding. And many of you realize the true understanding comes from the enlightenment of the soul and the enlightenment of the soul comes from the inflowing of the Father’s Divine Essence igniting the faculties within you which will give you the insight that you require to truly understand truth, to walk in truth, and to be truth within your lives and your consciousness.

And to be a channel of God’s Love in the world is the highest of callings. And this does not require labels or positions within any church, it requires each individual to make this choice, to Love another, to walk in Love, to love yourselves, and to love God. And to do these simple tasks, to fulfill this soul desire, to be in this harmony with God’s Laws of Love is all that you are required to do, my beloved brothers and sisters. And I sought to develop a church based on Love and truth and in many ways I am saddened with the outcomes of this effort. But I see many lights within it and true soul desires for truth and Love. And so it is in any church and organization. There are those who truly understand and those who stumble blindly within their ignorant, willful, mindful desire. And this desire often is for power and recognition.

The source of the great fall of mankind is to be powerful, to not acknowledge the power of God, and to realize that we are all God’s children moving in a world of His creation, seeking the harmony to be within this creation in a way that is of Light and beauty and Grace. Walk that Path, my beloved brothers and sisters, and you will show many in this world what it is to be a true child of God. It is in your being and your loving service to God that your great message will be felt and many will be drawn to you because of your trueness, your Light, and your Love.

I thank you for allowing me to speak and I thank you for the efforts you make in this world to bring truth and love, to bring God’s Truth and Love forward into the world. If you could see the great support you have in this effort you would be astounded and humbled. For much effort is being made and many, many, many spirits and angels are with you in this, to create a true fellowship amongst mankind that is based on the simple principles of Love, of Divine Love, and all that this entails. It is coming to mankind and you are the harbingers. There is much work to do, my beloveds, much work to do. And I dare say that this work and the reverberations of your efforts will spread through time on this world. Many generations to come will feel the effects of a handful of true souls who sought to be channels of Love. And I thank you for what you have done and how you have conducted yourselves with integrity and Light, humility and Love. Continue in this vein and you will reach your goal, you will reach your goal to bring God’s Love to humanity in a way that they can acknowledge its blessing in a conscious and full way. It will come and I will be there to support you, my friends, my brothers, my sisters, I will be with you and many who have passed over who have been part of my church and now see the greater truth are with you as well. Great armies of angels and spirits are with you. Walk the Path Divine, the Path of Truth, the Path of Love and you will be carried and loved and surrounded in Light. God bless you. God bless you. I salute your efforts and I will bring my Love into your circle. God bless you. I am Joseph Smith of the Mormon Church. God bless you.

Soul Transformation, Prayer and Longings

Posted: Thu Jul 23, 2015 12:00 am
by Geoff
Soul Transformation, Prayer and Longings
21st July 2015
Received by Joseph Babinsky
Prescott, Arizona.

I am here, your friend Martin,

I see that you had very good communications yesterday from your family. They are here now with me and each one sends you greetings with love.

We were present while you prayed. It was our delight to assist you. It was a rich experience. Your soul did indeed reach deep into the Father's Great Love. Stay with this; by saying this, we encourage you to continue in the personal way that you pray. We enjoy hearing you clap your hands: your soul is energized, and there is no reason to feel shy about expressing yourself in this manner. Yes, the quietness that you experienced is as important and as necessary as the clapping of hands with shouts of your voice. It’s all good and with purpose it brings the results you desire: namely, the Divine Love flowing freely into your soul.

You ask: how may I better understand the transformation process? You also wonder how the new human on earth might look and act. Will he or she be different in appearance? How does the change within the soul affect the physical life? Will the human be noticeably different? What did Jesus mean when he expressed his objectives for James Padgett and Leslie Stone to be examples to others regarding the reality of the Divine Love?

This can be achieved. It remains the goal and objective of Jesus and all Celestial spirits: that people on earth may see and learn the possibility of achieving the experience of the full potential of the human. As you know, the creation of the human is not complete without the addition of the Divine Love. The completion is possible; we spirits in the Celestial Heaven have experienced this great change. The change and completion is achieved by the extent of the willingness to be changed by the inflowing of the Divine Love.

This is the difficulty that faces you and others still on earth, you who have knowledge of the existence of the Divine Love: how to teach its existence, and how to show the reality of its existence.

It cannot be left only to words expressed in lectures and books, or even spirit to mortal communications. It must include the real-life demonstration of its existence in the individual lives of real people – people on earth like you and others.

By your life show and prove to mankind the reality of the Divine Love...

You have read this statement of Jesus in the Padgett messages many times. You often carry it with you written on a pocket card. This is one reason that the way that you pray intrigues us so much: it demonstrates to us your earnest desire that the Divine Love come to complete your soul. You are on the right path, and as you continue with your prayers, you will experience the change. It is possible. You are not far from the Kingdom.

Nevertheless, at times you feel the ideal elusive and unreachable. This is not true: We urge you to dismiss this thought when it comes. Rather, hold tight to the real possibility of the change of your soul by the Divine Love.

This is the ideal that is wise always keep close to your heart. Only through persistent continuation in prayer will you be able to keep this ideal alive in your heart. It is the food for your soul that creates the desire, the encouragement and the inspiration to try again and again, and to never to give up. Don't ever lose this. Never allow it to fade. Keep this as your personal pathway and goal. Do not look to others and how they maintain a hold on the dream of soul transformation. You now have experience through years of practice; you now know what works for you. For you personally, it is the way of energetic prayer, such as you expressed and experienced today. This is not a ritual; it is far from ritual or formal.

Yes, it is true that you use the “formal” prayer that Jesus gave to James Padgett; however, James would hardly identify your prayer with the words Jesus gave to him. The way that you use the prayer is never the same, and your experience of it is always different. You have gone beyond formal recitation.

I am urging you to continue what you do nearly each and every morning. We are present helping and assisting you. There are times when we act as “midwifes” assisting the birth of a child. This is how we feel. In your case, the child being born is the new creation of your soul: bringing forth the changed and transformed soul. It is analogous.

The Divine Love entering and transforming the soul is a process – sometimes a very long process. For most individuals on earth this process will continue on into the spirit world after the transition from earth to the spirit life.

Ideally, however, the transformation will happen while yet in the flesh. But the truth is that not many have this ideal in the forefront of their thoughts and desires. The cares and interests of your world weigh heavy and distract the aspirations of many people. There are not many that make it their primary interest and passion. You are no different, Joseph. When you pray, as you did this morning, the passion of realizing the ideal once again takes hold of you and you feel inspired. But as the day advances, this passion recedes and other interests and demands of life choke your inspiration, and even the awareness of the presence of the Divine Love becomes hid by your various activities.

We realize that it is difficult to maintain a high level of passion for the presence of the Divine Love.

We wait patiently at your side, hoping to assist your desires to receive more of the Divine Love. We will not do things to force our attention on you. Most times you have little or no awareness of our presence, yet, we are. It is not that we are literally always standing at your side. Yet, when you stir in our direction, even before you call our name, we are already moving toward you. Our presence is nearly instantaneous, thus appearing to you that we are always standing next to you.

Help yourself by praying. This time I am referring to the longing that emanates from your soul. It is not like the praying that you do in the morning. In these occasions we also come to assist you. We are close so that you may feel our presence and our help. This is the key thing: You remain the determining factor. You decide; you are the one that decides; you activate your will and desire that it be so. What does this mean? What I am saying translates to your power of decision and expression of your will.

You are the determining factor of your own transformation. It remains this way even after you pass from your earth experience to your spirit life. It may be easier for you to express your will in the spirit life, but perhaps not. Why do I say this? I say this simply because you remain the same person that you are now on earth. You are the decision maker. You are your destiny. You have knowledge of the existence of the Divine Love, and you are the one that decides how you shall respond to this knowledge. Is it really your first priority? Or is it second or third? You have an idea where I am going with this. You know what I am saying is true: you are the one who decides the amount of attention you shall give to the transformation process of your own soul.

Yes, Jesus was correct when he said that you do not need to wait for a specific time to ask for Divine Love to flow into your soul. You have set a time to do this first thing in the morning, at the beginning of your day. This is a good thing that you have done; it creates a solid foundation each day. I am not leading you to give up this special time in prayer. Keep it, if this is what you decide. This has worked very well for you.

Having said this, I am now encouraging you to experiment with the more fluid and spontaneous way to pray. This is what Jesus suggested to James Padgett. Joseph, learn to long for the Divine Love throughout the day. Try this as a way to pray. Experiment: practice spontaneous longings for God's Love. You can do it. You are so close already. With practice you will be there.

If you will do this, you will discover that we – your Celestial guides and helpers – will be present, just as we are during your early morning prayers.

We are talking in this message about the transformation of your soul. We are encouraging you to pray and long for the Divine Love in a more conscious and continuous way: each and every moment of your life. This is our encouragement to you that you to do this. It is possible, even in the busy world of your twenty-first century.

Well, I have written you a very long message.

Thanking you for inviting me today to come and write. It is good that we are communicating again through pencil on paper. Yes, this message is different than others that I have written in the past. Your family said yesterday in their messages: you are changing, and the messages we write give evidence of the change that you are experiencing. I completely agree with their words.

I will return and continue our message.

I am Martin – yes, Martin Luther, and with many other Celestial friends.

We depart now with our blessings and love,

Your friends in High Places.

Re: New Messages

Posted: Sat Aug 29, 2015 11:23 pm
by Geoff
The soul perceptions.

Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 14, 2015

It is your teacher Augustine. I have come to talk about the soul perceptions which are slowly dawning upon your consciousness, my beautiful brothers and sisters. This awakening within your beings emerging ever slowly but surely into the consciousness of your minds requires your attention, my beloveds. Just as you walk through a garden and you are appreciating the bold and colorful flowers, these soul perceptions are more subtle, these flowers grow closer to the ground, they are intricate but you must focus and bend down to see and appreciate what is there. And so you must with your consciousness bring it to a place of attention and openness, desiring to see the subtleties rather than being dazzled by the intricacies of the material world and your mind’s machinations, the many thoughts and ideas that come. Yes God’s voice is quiet but it is powerful, and the voice of your soul can be resounding within your ears if you listen and if you give it credence.

But indeed your minds crave the busy, cluttered, earthly thoughts which are so much a part of your consciousness. And you must slow down, seek the silence and listen. And you are already aware of the presence of angels, you are already aware of the support that you are given with each prayer and each effort that you make. You must continue in this way, having faith and new doors will open, your minds will be quelled and the mind of your soul which is being nurtured and developed and ignited by the Love of God will find its rightful place within your consciousness. Instead of guessing you will know, instead of speculation there will be clarity and understanding and wisdom, instead of the illusion of your thinking which has many roots from outside of your being, from the thoughts of others, what you have inherited from the many generations of thought and understanding; perceiving in a somewhat arrogant way that this is reality but I tell you my children, reality is far from what you see. Reality is only seen through the eyes of the soul and understood through the soul mind. And when you have glimpses, your tendency is to reject this, to not give it the credence it deserves, to not allow this understanding, which in many ways is foreign to you, and to embrace and accept these perceptions and be joyful in this awakening. For as you go to that place of awakening of your perceptions and understanding so different, yet so powerful, you clear the path in your consciousness, you allow this to emerge in a more powerful way, rather than turn away and avert your eyes elsewhere because your minds are so compelled through its habituation and patterns of thinking to look at the world in certain ways. You doubt your judgments and hang upon your judgments many emotions and to speak what you think is truth in ways that you truly believe are in fact reality but true reality is wordless. It comes in a deeper way and yes your challenge is to express this and once you know the Truth to express this in ways that others may understand. Indeed we in spirit are challenged as well to convey our soul perceptions to you in this world and we must do so through an instrument, a medium, which colors and filters through their minds what is meant to be said and this is why, my beloveds, we keep our messages simple in order to bring as much clarity as we can and we approach each truth from many different angles and many different words describing the one central Truth of God’s Love and all that comes with this glorious gift, the opening of the perceptions of which I speak, the understanding through the soul mind.

This is what we are urging you to step into, my beloved students, to come to that different place of awareness and understanding. Your souls know the Truth. Your souls are imbued with the Essence of the Creator. Your souls shine brightly in the Light and for many they cover this over with their thinking, with their judgments, with their emotions and their fears. And this my children, my beloved students, you must struggle to rise above, to keep close to you the awareness that it is your soul which is the vital part of you, the sustaining, the magical, the glorious part of your being. Without your soul who are you? Merely flesh and bones, and energies, and thoughts of the mind. What compel you to reach for God. What compels you to love, what compels you to seek for truth, what compels you in all the spiritual work that you do? It is your souls, my beloveds. It is time to give full recognition to this aspect of your being which God nurtures each and every day, which grows in the Love and is the very vital, central, powerful part of your being. And so much potential lies there that is not being utilized at this time but will indeed come forth as you allow this to be and as God ignites this with His Love.

It is time, my beloveds. It is time to walk in soul consciousness, in soul awareness and knowing the Will of God which can only come in this way. And as you accept the Will of God and release all of that which you find so important within your minds you will then become that clear and beautiful channel for God which you truly desire to be and have every ability to be if you are able to truly acknowledge your souls and allow your minds to shift from that place of precedence to that place of service, complementing who you are rather than being so predominant in who you are.

It is challenging, very difficult, but have you not been prepared and nurtured and taught? Have you not been given much by God and His angels so that you become strong enough, so that you may lead the way, clear the Path and show your brothers and sisters where it is we are all meant to go and how we are meant to walk and who we are truly? The Master, our beloved Master shows us the way does he not? And did he not acknowledge that these things you may also do? And is he not desirous that you do as he has instructed? To follow the Path of Truth and Love Divine, to walk in Light, to be humble but sure of your steps, to Love, always to Love. For Love is the key, it is what will set you free from the tyranny of your mind and the tyranny of the reality which humanity has created in this world and will bring you to a place of such clarity and joy.

Freedom, my beloveds - do you not wish to be free? Then you must follow this Path, this route to freedom. Incrementally the eyes open, incrementally the mind of the soul is activated each time you acknowledge your soul you give it more power, you allow it to express itself within your being and you become more of your true selves. Beloved beautiful souls, we encourage you and love you and we give you this message in this Light to urge you to acknowledge what is very much alive within you and to give over to this reality so that you may be God’s channels of Love in the world in ways that will astound you, my beloveds. For the power of the soul, the power of the active soul being a channel of God’s Love brings what others may call miracles but is truly the activation of the laws which God has created, which come with this Love.

Be the champions. Walk the Path. May your faith grow strong and resolute and may you continue to pray for the Father’s Love that it may find a constant inflowing into your soul and you may walk in this Light for all eternity. Your teacher Augustine continues to walk with you and to bring his love and support in your efforts to bring Light and Truth into yourselves and into this world. Your gathering to come will bring great Light, great Light into this world and for the many, many souls connected to your soul, many loved ones, many people around the world who are part of your lives, who are connected in some way will benefit from your prayers and your efforts together as they do as you live your life in the Truth, as you say your prayers for those whom you love, as you make your efforts to be with the Heavenly Father and bring Light. This is used in so many different ways. This is such a benefit to so many. Continue to say your prayers, to increase your Love, to improve your actions and your thoughts so they may be more spiritual, more attuned with your soul, more attuned with God and we will always be with you, always, always. God bless you, beloved and precious souls. Your teacher Augustine is with you and I love you, beloved souls. God bless you.

Re: New Messages

Posted: Mon Aug 31, 2015 11:13 pm
by Geoff
Embodied in the Will of God is harmony and love and peace.

Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: 15 August 2015

I am Jesus, I come and I am so pleased that you have answered my call to come together to seek the guidance your souls yearn to have and acknowledge. For many of you have many questions and you seek to serve your Heavenly Father in higher and greater ways, in a greater flow of His Love and to be within yourselves more aligned and with the Father’s care and Love.

Beloved and beautiful souls, know that these questions will be answered and you will reach that place of greater service and understanding and that the harmony that you seek. The peace that you seek within your lives and within the flow of this service will be granted by God, as you come to that place of greater awareness of understanding the Will of God. And embodied in the Will of God is harmony and love and peace. And as you step more closely into that flow more deeply into that light, more fully into yourselves, your true selves. All the conditions of the world, all that assail you cannot touch you. You come to that place of peace of truly understanding what this life is for. And all of those conditions which distract you and pull you from this Light, will not have the power to do so, for you will be centered in God. And this place of sure and bounteous blessings and peace and knowing will not be shaken by these conditions. You will be at peace my beloveds and you will know joy, deep and abiding joy. And though you will observe the conditions around you, you will perceive them in a different way. You will come to a deep acceptance and you will manifest Truth in such a way that those who are manifesting the human conditions will turn to you and ask how they may too be in that place of peace and Love. And this will be your opportunity to speak the Truth. And the greatest message, the most powerful way to teach others, is to be an example of Truth in the world. To walk in that quiet way, to emanate the Light and the peace, the love and the healing that comes from your Heavenly Father through you. And as you are not bothered by these conditions, there are no barriers to this flow of Love. You do not hold back through your own mental judgements and filters, but merely walk in this simple way, this powerful way of Love.

And this my beloveds is my first instruction to you. And how you may further bring the Truth to mankind it must start with your own being. To be and walk in that place in alignment with your Heavenly Father and this you know is the response to receiving the Love of God within you. Without this very fundamental truth living within your being, you cannot move forward. It is not possible for if you ae in the world and of the world, you are very much a part of the conditions of the world. But if you are in the world and not of the world, you become God’s channels of God’s Love. And this I realize my beloveds, is the most challenging invitation of all. But each of you have prayed to be at-one with God in His Love and to walk this world as a channel of Love and you have prayed this from your souls for this is your souls’ desire. This is what you truly want, my beloveds, and it does require your effort, your commitment, your strength and your discipline. And most of all, it requires that you may love yourselves truly and have compassion for yourselves truly. And to release all those conditions which are not loving which you utilize to condemn yourselves and judge yourselves. And this indeed reflects the human condition which you all long to be released from. To know the joy of your souls, to feel the wonderment of the creation that you are, unique and beautiful. And as you desire this so God shall grant your desires in His blessing of Love touching you deeply, touching you in ways that are transformative and powerful and healing. And we who love you and walk with you shall continue to assist you in this effort, to heal yourselves and to be that Light in the world. And some have walked this path for many years, some are new to this path, yet have a deep understanding of what it is. But I tell you, you are all capable of walking in this Light, of truly loving yourselves and loving all of humanity, of being in the world but not of the world. And now is the time to step forward into this Light and accept the invitation to release your burdens, to be free of your fears, to allow the Light within your souls to shine forth in all its beauty and wonderment.

You have been called my beloveds, and you have been called more than once. Heed my call, be my disciples in this world and you will find a journey which you cannot really imagine in all its beauty and grace and power and Love, for God will guide you with every step and will touch you with every breath and be with you with every thought and deed and action. This is how you are meant to be my beloveds. Release your cloak of pain, of fear, of reticence and doubt and walk boldly into the Light truly exercising the faith that lives within your souls. And walking forward bravely, resolutely yet with gentleness and humility. We do not expect perfection but we yearn that what is within you, that great potential, that great beauty, may be expressed in this world as fully as can be, knowing that God truly, truly loves you and wants the highest and the best, the most beautiful and the most glorious life for you, for each of you.

I am your brother and I am your friend and I love you. You are truly my brethren upon this world and I am with you. I am with you in your struggles, I am with you in your joys, I am with you with each day you live. My prayers go to our Heavenly Father for your benefit as do many Angels pray for you my beloveds, for in you lies the possibility of hope for your world, for in you is the Truth and in you the Truth must be known. And do you realize how truly precious you are? How many Angels pray for you, how many in spirit watch you and how many in this world long to have what you have, to see as you see, to love as you love. And yes many of you feel inadequate, you are not up to this task. But I tell you, once you are truly aligned with your souls you will know that indeed you have all that you require to walk this path in this powerful way, to speak the Truth in truthful ways, to be Love in truly loving ways. Seek your souls my beautiful souls, seek your Love, seek your God who loves you and loves you uniquely and loves you for your uniqueness as do we who surround you, beloveds. Join us in these days in prayer, seeking deeper Truth, greater Love and greater understanding. And as you seek and are open, as you pray together and speak together much will be revealed and given willingly without restriction. God’s abundance is great and is for all who seek. Seek this my beloveds, seek God’s abundance and it shall be given. God bless you, God bless you.

Re: New Messages

Posted: Mon Sep 07, 2015 11:07 pm
by Geoff
The world is fast approaching a time of chaos.

(Due to the importance of this message, I am sending this out on my New-Birth list, although it has already gone out to many of the same people who are on the DLSF list. Geoff)

Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: 17 August

Blessed are the children who seek to heal this world,
Blessed are the children who long for the Father’s Love,
Blessed are you my beloveds, for in many ways this gathering and these precious souls are the hope for the world.

My precious souls, you long to know many answers that relate to your personal lives and to how this world will be transformed in Light. And in many respects you are not able to comprehend the progression of these changes because you seek to understand through the faculties of your mind rather than the perceptions of your souls. And you long for physical evidence of the Truth and this my dear and beloved souls, is not the approach you must take. And we have exhorted you many, many times to seek through your soul the answers, to seek the Divine Love in order to receive those answers. To put aside your questioning minds and put forward your questioning and longing souls towards your Heavenly Father.

And you seek a formula for this. How can one soul convey to another soul a longing? This is not possible but a soul does long for this gift of Love. A soul is created to long for this Love. And what stands in the way of this longing? It is all the clutter of the mind. The fears, the intense feelings of being lost, afraid and fearful of the unknown. All of these aspects that thrive in so many lost souls can be conquered in love. It is that relationship of the soul knowing love which conveys love to another soul who does not know love. And when you gather those who are lost and seeking, it is your love, it is your love that reflects in your eyes, in your arms and your simple thoughts and speech which draws in even those souls who are suspicious and afraid.

We ask you my beloveds to be in the world but not of the world. This is what we mean by this, to be in the flow of God’s Love as others sense differences, others long for this peace that surrounds you, this Love that emanates from you and though you. Do you realize what precious gifts you possess? Do you realize you hold the key to healing the world? Can you see within yourselves that you have the wisdom you require, the knowledge, the Love to bring healing to this world?

And you ask why many turn away, and I say to you that each soul has its time to acknowledge this longing and you must realize that their time on earth is fleeting as is yours. They risk life, greater life in the spirit and many opportunities will be presented to those dear souls and all the souls created to accept the Love of God. And yet it is indeed a mystery, even to us, why not all souls accept this gift, this invitation. Indeed from the very beginning of the creation of humanity the first parents turned away from this Gift, believing it is unnecessary, believing that they possess within themselves all that they require for their own happiness and life and you my beloveds have turned towards God. Of course you live in different times, you are not given everything that you require for your happiness. You live in dark conditions, you have all felt the pain of this and the inhumanity in this world. You have all sought to understand love rather than nurture the bitterness within your souls. You have sought to be healed, to be redeemed and to know the Truth.

So, you have to ask yourselves: what is it within you that made that choice, that decided to walk in the world in Light rather than to join so many in darkness. The answers do indeed lie within you.

And you ask about your future steps. You all know that each of you have unique gifts and you have been told this many times. And you were brought together in this place to share your gifts, to pool your gifts, so that you may do the task that has been asked of you. To further spread the Truth of Divine Love in the world. This is what we have asked of you. And we ask you to take time to formulate a plan in order for this to take place and unfold. This requires some sacrifice and commitment on all of your parts and many of you have indeed invested time and effort in this great work to spread the Truths of Divine Love in the world. You have gathered souls together and have spoken this Truth, you have put this Truth upon the wires, you have walked in the world asking to be a channel of Love wherever you go, you have taught the children, you have been an example, you have done much. But now you must coalesce into a body which is committed to work together and present ideas as to how you may further this Truth to inspire others, to bring into the world the knowledge that they, all the souls of this world, have a choice to receive this Love. And indeed, each of you will be guided and it is important for you to share you guidance, to share your ideas, to share your inspiration with all who are present.

It requires your trust and commitment with one another, it requires an appreciation of what each has to give. It requires work, expending energy, time and effort. And each of you can express your gifts, focused on this plan that you devise together. For it requires you to exert your free will to say ‘I am willing to work with you’, ‘I am willing to reveal my thoughts, my inspiration, feelings that I have from my soul’, and to add this to the collective effort. When you are able to freely allow this to be so and to put aside your own personal needs and your own personal concepts that are more designed to gratify you egos and less in line with God’s Love and the Laws that pertain to His Love, when you think of the depravation of this world, when you think of what is clearly required to bring more love into this world, when you pray that God will inspire within you the answers to how and when and where and why, the work shall truly begin.

We have been with you in your conversations and I must honestly say, that many of you are too caught up in your own needs. In your own inner thoughts reflecting this. It is time to put aside your needs, and come to understand what God needs of you. And when you can do this, you have effectively put aside the mental imaginations and come to a place of listening to your soul which understands God’s Will. I know for some of you this is not what you want to hear. For some of you it is important to hear the technical explanations to things, the mechanics. This my dear and beloved souls is available to you, these answers are in books already written. If you seek these answers then read, bring it into your minds and then let it sink into your souls in a true understanding. For everything that is written must be prayed over and contemplated, truly learned. We cannot flip a switch as you say and bring understanding to your minds. It requires your efforts, your efforts to research and to understand these things.

Now my beloveds, I wish to say some things to you that are very important. The world is fast approaching a time of chaos. There is a great change coming, the storm is just upon the horizon. It requires for you my beloveds to have great faith and strength and to rely upon your Heavenly Father to guide you through the coming times in the world. For it will be dramatic and it will be destructive and this will not be caused by men but by God and by God’s Creation which responds to the actions of men. The earth rises in pain, it has been abused so greatly by the will of men, by the greed of men and the earth is fighting back. And I do not think that any of you truly understand the power of the earth, the forces of the earth. Indeed when these winds of change come you must secure yourself in Light and all of these questions that you ask will become irrelevant and the burning question will be: “Father, guide me through these darkening times, help me to be a beacon of Light for those around me who are frightened” as the earth shifts and the winds blow and the oceans rise, as the fires and the rain and all the elements of the earth conspire to wash away all the traces of man. This is indeed a very serious time and you my beloveds are given a warning as to what is to coming and in this I want you to redouble your efforts in prayer to dedicate your lives to spiritual progression, to walk as clearly and powerfully upon this Divine Path and in this many gifts will open to you, many faculties and abilities which will serve you greatly in the times to come and will help you to assist others to survive these times. And when the clouds clear and the sun shines again, there will be a thousand years of peace upon this world. This transition, this time of cleansing has happened before in your world and it will happen again. For God loves this world. He loves His Creation and He loves all of humanity but those who turn away from His Love, who turn away from all that is good and all that is in harmony with His Creation and exert their will to such a great degree that there is no semblance of understanding and love and light, merely the accumulation of things, the accumulation that has taken from this earth and nothing returned but rot and garbage fouling the seas and the air and the land. Is this how you are meant to live my beloveds? Is this what God intended for you? No, you are meant to live in harmony with this world and with each other and God does not punish those who do wrong but the laws of creation are inexorable and for every action, there is a reaction. And all of you chose to some degree to ignore this crisis, this deep and profound wrongness and wrongdoing for you are indeed human. This does not mean that God loves you any less or we love you any less but it does mean that you must, you truly must adopt ways of Light, to increase your souls with Love and to open your eyes truly, with great honesty and integrity and to walk this path of Love boldly. The time of fear cannot continue in your lives or in this world. The time of enlightenment and freedom of fear, freedom from all that is so dark, must be, must be !!!

My brethren, my beloveds, I will walk with you and when the changes come, ask for my presence to comfort you, ask for God’s Love to strengthen you, ask that God open your eyes and show you what you must do and where you must go.

Yes, your efforts to open centers of Light indeed are part of the guidance given. For these centers will be centers of refuge for many. You must prepare these places, these lifeboats of Light for those who are caught in the storms, these storms of change. And you must focus your efforts as one prepares a home for the coming storm, you must focus your efforts to prepare yourselves, to prepare places, to prepare those who will listen. And I do not say these things to engender fear in you, for truly what is to come is the cleansing of the world, a starting anew and time of regeneration, where all the creatures of this world and all the wonderment of God’s Creation will then have the ability to regenerate. And this will happen quickly my beloveds, it will happen quickly. The power of God’s creation, the power of nature, as you call it, is immense. The power to heal, for the world to heal itself is great but the power of mankind to heal itself is weak. The power that mankind must rely upon for healing comes from God. You have free will and with your free will you have weakened yourself so greatly and yet you my beloveds, have found the key to be powerful, to heal yourselves. Use this key my beloveds, use this key. You know all that you need to know and yet you continue to question to wonder and to seek the answer in words. The answer lies wordless within your souls. Seek your souls my beloveds, each of you is quite capable in seeking your souls and finding your souls and when you feel you have not come to that place, my dear beloved beautiful souls, you have made only an excuse and have only formulated an idea within your minds that it is not possible to know your own soul. You have made a choice to turn away from your soul rather than turn towards it and in many respects these thoughts and these decisions are the result of the human condition which implores you so often to turn away. Indeed I reiterate, you must be in the world but not of the world, you must embrace this Truth and live this Truth. And by living this Truth your life will change in many ways and you will change in many ways and what is important to you today will not be so important tomorrow and what you cling to so resolutely, will fall away and you feel the rightness and the freedom of this.

You cannot continue to walk forward and not be fully in the Light. You have been called as my disciples to bring the word of Love and Truth to mankind. Surely you are capable in doing so but if you indulge yourselves in what you need, what is so very important to your minds, then you will fail. You will fail your calling. You must take a good and honest look within yourselves to see what holds you from this. And when you are able to release those barriers and prejudices and fears, you will truly know what you must do. For the soul informs all. The soul is what you need. The soul is everything. And then the mind will be subjugated by the soul and then the clarity, the clarity and Truth will set you free from those burdens that you carry so resolutely and insistently.

These questions, surely you can answer these questions yourselves. And if they remain a mystery to you my beloveds, you have not acknowledged your souls as you must. For within your souls lies every answer, every answer. Follow your guidance my beloveds. Walk in this Light every day and ask God to guide you with each day and those who feel they cannot hear and know this guidance, ask God to remove the barriers and to increase your soul with His Love and the vista shall open to you. The curtain shall be drawn away. For each of you are capable and gifted but many of you approach this from your mind, which you cannot do any longer.

My beloveds, the time grows short. There is urgency and there is necessity to put away your indulgences and to be focused on what you must do to bring greater Light to this world, to bring the message of Love and Truth to this world and to be channels of healing and Love in this world. To bring peace and harmony to your homes and to draw your friends in this way, to draw all who are seeking in this way. Accept every soul who comes to your door and though you may not approve of what they say, it does not fit into your belief, within their soul is a longing which you must recognize for in your soul is the longing as well to seek Truth, to seek God. Though they may not recognize this in their minds, you my beloveds must recognize this within their souls and in this you will give love, in this comes the flow of God’s Love.

“Heavenly Father, bless these, Thy children, who seek the Light, who are questioning and who want to be in the Light, and free from all the pains of this world, all that burdens them, and holds them from You. Father, I ask you, to heal my brothers and sisters. That You may give a great inflowing of Your Love into their souls. May they long for this, may this be their burning desire, their true and burning desire to be redeemed by Your Love. For they seek, they seek this. May their prayers be answered, may all our prayers be answered that this world may be healed, that peace may come, and all that is not in harmony with Your Laws of Creation be swept away and in their place may men rebuild this world with greater wisdom on the foundation of Love. With wisdom that there may be beauty and grace, that there may be harmony and peace, and all the falsity and all the pain and all the darkness be swept away by Your breath of Love.”

God bless you my beloveds. I hope that now you are at peace. I hope that now you understand why you were brought together. I hope you can work together in loving harmony. And each will play their role, each will contribute their true selves, their true soul’s gifts into this great effort to heal this world.

I am Jesus, and I am your friend and your brother and I am with you in all that you do, in every effort that you make. For it is truly of your souls’ origin and every effort you make in this way will be truly blessed. Walk with me and I will light the way.

Re: New Messages

Posted: Thu Sep 10, 2015 10:42 pm
by Geoff
Plumb the depths of your souls.

Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: 18 August 2015

It is your teacher Augustine.
You have been given much in these past days together. Much in guidance, much in blessings. Your souls shine with the Love that you have received, and this will carry you forward and assist you in your soul’s progression and the unfolding of the faculties of the soul which are ignited by this Love. Each of you will receive transcripts of these messages that were given in these past days. I ask you to read these messages again and again for I promise that every time you read this information you will glean something new from it. There is much in these messages, much in the words we have spoken and it takes time for the soul to bring forth into the consciousness of your mind the significance of these words, the depth of what has been shared by the Angels.

I would encourage patience and perseverance and when there is something within these messages that you find difficult to understand I would take them into your prayers and ask God to elaborate and you will receive the guidance you require. It may not be in words but it will be in a feeling, a vision, a sense. Do not ignore this my beloveds. Continue in your explorations, continue with your questioning, continue to seek the Truth, for the Truth only truly comes from the soul’s awareness. This understanding that is deep within you. If there is one outstanding message given, my beloveds, it is to plumb the depths of your souls. To truly come to know that place within you that for so many in this world is foreign and denied. Yet you have come to acknowledge and to understand this part of you, so vital, so central, so very much the true you. And of course we know how easy it is to be distracted from this pursuit and the more you are involved with the things in the world, the more difficult it is to come to this realization, for the mind is fueled so often by the outside forces and information and influences keeping you swimming upon the surface of your consciousness but you go deep, you must pray earnestly, you must listen intently. You must seek with true and pure intention. You must yearn for the Father’s Love therefore causing the Laws of attraction to take place and bring the Angels by your side, who will then reinforce this journey to the soul.

I know we ask a lot, we ask for you to spend more time in prayer. We ask for you to spend less time in worry and concern and distraction. We ask you to be in the world but not of the world. We ask you to commune with your Heavenly Father as often as you might. This is a way of life, my beloveds, it is a way of life and a very strong and singular commitment. It does not mean you have to give up other things in your life, but it means that your priorities must be to put God first, to put the growth of your soul beyond all other pursuits and then with this balance of priorities, all other things within your life, all other roles in your work, in your family, in what you do to live this life which is meant for you to be done, takes on a different perspective and a greater harmony infuses all of these elements. You come to know greater peace and joy and when the intransigence of the world, the difficulties that come seemingly so random and unexpected fall upon you, you are much more capable of dealing with these aspects of life without weighing you down and pulling you away from your Heavenly Father.

We have asked you to be examples of this Love, to walk this path boldly and in faith. My beloveds, the choices are yours always. Every moment has a choice, every thought has a choice. Everything you do is your choice. You cannot blame others, or that which is outside of yourself. With what happens in your lives you must take responsibility for, you must see with the eyes of your souls which can only show you Truth, rather than the illusions which you create within your minds. This is not an easy path, but it is a glorious path and what it requires in effort and discipline and faith indicates its power and what you receive in return is far greater in what you give, far greater. Its effects lasting for all eternity my beloveds. Can you conceive of this? The Light that you build within your souls lasts for all eternity, never to be diminished but to grow ever brighter. It is worth your effort my beloveds, it is worth that choice for Light. And when you feel burdened and worried, cry out to your Heavenly Father and ask Him to help you through these difficulties and the help will be given, freely and abundantly and in accordance to your willingness to accept, to be humble, to allow God to carry you and to release your fears and anxieties, your anger and your pain. This is a road seldomly taken my beloveds but it is a road that all souls who chose it find strength and wisdom, its validity, its truthfulness, its power. And despite all odds for most men choose the road of self-empowerment. Most souls do not believe that God truly loves them. Yet if there are souls that walk this road and do so in Love and harmony with their Light shining forth, this very fact that you do so, brings the choice to other souls. You become an example and for some a confrontation. But indeed, you bring with you a resounding bell-toll that says: “You have a choice, you can be with God, you can live in this Light, you can find salvation from your pain and your error and know joy and freedom.”

Continue my beloveds to seek ever greater Light and wisdom to truly know yourselves and know your Heavenly Father through this gift of Love. And you will do the work, you will find the purpose for which you are here, for which God wishes upon you. And as you may struggle, and you may fall, and you may be angry and disillusioned, and have all difficulties upon the way but every time you pick yourselves up, every time you overcome a difficulty, every time you say “No, I will not join in this human condition, I will join in the flow of God’s Love”, you become stronger and brighter and wiser and more humble. This is the way of the world. It is not what is meant to be in this world but it is what is in this world and that is why God sends His Angels to support you, to bring their Light to help you, His Love and Care upon you, so that you may have support and assistance to overcome the difficulties of this life and to build within yourselves a Light so bright and beautiful that you will shine forth in this world and bring comfort and Truth and Love to many. Seek ye the Kingdom my beloveds and all things shall come onto you. God’s Love pours within you, His Grace brings you peace and comfort. His care carries you through all the conditions of this world, and God never abandons you, God is always with you. Be with God my beloveds, be with God and true and deep understanding will be yours.

God bless you, your teacher Augustine will continue to be with you and help you upon your journey for I love you dearly and I will be there, I will be with you in my Love as will many, God bless you.

Re: New Messages

Posted: Wed Sep 23, 2015 9:57 pm
by Geoff
Are you ready to commit to this, to walk in this Light.

Spirit: James Padgett
Medium: Al Fike
Location: Gibsons, BC
Date: August 20, 2015, Thursday Afternoon.

Beloved souls, I am Padgett, James Padgett. I have been asked to speak to you and it is my honor and privilege to do so in this gathering of beautiful souls. The Light that you have created by your presence and prayers is tremendous. It reverberates far out into the spheres of spirit. It creates a place where many spirits are drawn and seek the Light. You do a great service, my friends, in your prayers, in your efforts to reach the highest, to reach for God’s Love.

Many of you know me and some do not know of me. Many years ago I was used by spirit to communicate the Truths of the Divine Love, to bring them into our era in a clear and understandable way, written through automatic writing. And I produced through the help of spirit many, many pages of information. And these pages exist still today and have been copied and printed and collated into volumes of books that are available to those who ask and desire to receive and read to further their knowledge of soul growth and the laws pertaining to Divine Love and the laws pertaining to the world of spirit and the world of the Celestial Kingdom.

These places exist as most of you know. God exists as all of you know. The power of this Love is the highest blessing you can receive and I am so grateful to have been able to give these messages to the world. And it was a struggle for me, my friends, to accept what is written, to allow these spirits to write many passages which I questioned. It took me some years to believe that what was being written was true. Yet I continued and persisted, I prayed for God’s Love to enter into my soul and in this I grew to accept the Truth, and then I grew to love the Truth, and then I grew to love my brothers and sisters in that I came to a place of true understanding of our Heavenly Father. And now in this place, in my life, which is in spirit in the Celestial Kingdom, I continue to long and seek for Truth, for Love, for enlightenment, to truly know my soul, to truly know my Heavenly Father.

So you see my friends, this journey goes on. Do not condemn yourselves if you feel you have not come up to your expectations upon this Path, for you have all of eternity, my dear beloved friends, to truly know, to understand, to be in God’s Grace. And this short life on Earth is but a stepping stone to greater life and greater understanding of Love and Truth and God. And you, my beloved friends, are so blessed to have the angels with you, to have God’s Hand upon you. You have drawn this to you by your pursuit and prayers for the Love. You have walked this road and persisted. You have struggled. You have prayed and prayed and prayed and the rewards, my dear and beloved friends, are coming, your blessings have been many, which shall increase and increase, they shall double and quadruple. It shall go on exponentially as you accept and live the Truth. The abundance of God’s blessings is far beyond your capacity to understand for it is as infinite as the universe, as powerful as anything you know in your lives. And as you grow in this Love your perceptions will grow, your understanding of Truth will change, you will walk a path of great discovery uncovering many secrets which God will give to you in the flow of His Love.
Do not waste your time, my beloveds. Do not waste your time, but pray fervently for this Love to transform your souls and bring you into that great flow of God’s Love. There is no greater pursuit, no greater rewards, no greater opportunity in your lives but this, this wondrous gift and all that comes with it. The opportunity to be of service to your Heavenly Father, the opportunity to love your brothers and sisters in the flow of God’s Love. Take your time and pray. Make this the focus of your efforts spiritually. Seek the peace that passes all understanding. Open yourselves to this Love.

And though I wrote many pages, thousands upon thousands of words upon these pages given through me by spirit, the Truth is ultimately simple and wordless. What was written is a map, a way to help you in your thoughts, in your desires to come to God, to inspire you, to show you that this is true and real and powerful. And the testimony of this Truth is your presence here today, coming together from many far off places being together in Love, wanting to uphold one another and to be close to God. And you will bring the Truth as you leave this place, back with you to where you live and God will give you opportunities to be His beautiful channels of Love. Many doors will open if you desire this.

Please continue to walk this Divine Path with all of us. I am pleased to see that my work has borne fruit, that others have come to this Truth and we all follow the Master Jesus upon this Path and gratefully so, for he leads us to greater heights of spiritual joy and awareness, of soul bursting with Love - such joy, such knowing, such being in the Light. Continue on my brothers and sisters, continue with your great efforts and we shall continue to support you and we are pleased that others have used their gifts to bring Truth into the world. This is important, to continue to keep this channel of communication open from us in spirit to you in this world. For through this world we are able to communicate with many other layers of existence in spirit. Many come to listen to these words, many are here now.

So I say, one man who was filled with doubts and grief for the loss of his wife embarked upon a journey which has touched all of your lives. Such a simple act and decision has great consequences in the world. Consider this, my friends, consider this. That the choices that you make, the decisions in your lives can have great and wondrous consequences for the lives of others. And many await your commitment to live and bring the Truth to this world. Many possibilities await you, much love resides within you. And this is what is required, the Love of God burning within your souls. It empowers the journey and reverberates out into this world and where you put your focus, where you walk, how you are, will have great and enduring consequences for others for this world.

You have been guided that this world needs you and needs to change and go on a course that will lead to healing and harmony in this world. Consider my friends what you may do in service, how you may be in Love, where you may go to teach the Truth. And once you have entreated your Heavenly Father to guide you along where you are meant to go and how you are meant to be and who you are meant to meet, the journey will truly begin. For you have all taken your inner journeys, you have all worked diligently to repair your souls through Love, to prepare your minds through reading of the Truths. You are ready to walk out into the world guided by God and shown the way.

Are you ready to commit to this, to walk in this Light, to be that channel of Love and Truth which God has asked you to be? When I started on this Earth I was not sure of my steps. I was afraid. I was afraid of what others thought of me. I was fearful for my career, my reputation, my standing in the community because to hold up the Truth in this way is unusual. Eyebrows are raised, thoughts of judgment in many. Yet I persisted, and I must confess that my fears held me back to some degree. I did not want others to truly know what I was doing. But thanks to the efforts of braver souls, those who were willing to carry this torch, you today have heard of and know of and pray for the Truth of God’s Love in a conscious and clear way. So you see, even I who was not so committed made an impact in this world. And you, my beloveds, who I see are stronger than myself, can make a greater impact in the world.

The world needs you. The world truly needs your efforts. The world truly needs the Truth. Can you walk boldly and say, Dear brothers and sisters, I have something that may change your life, a simple Truth so profound that it can change everything? You need not join a religion, an organization. It costs you nothing. It is freely given. Can you do this, to express the Truth so simply, to give so willingly, to walk so boldly? And yes many will turn away from you, will reject the gift that you have to give, but many will turn towards you and say yes, I am interested. I want to know. And each of those souls who truly come to understand and live the Truth of Love will be a jewel in your crown, and when that time comes for you to enter the world of spirit this will determine in many ways where you will go, the life that you will have in the life beyond. There are many rewards for the faithful. There are many rewards for those who choose Love, Divine Love over everything else. Those rewards in this Earth may not be so palpable, but believe me when you enter into the world of spirit you will be astounded at what will be given by God in gratitude for living the Truth and expressing the Truth, great rewards, wondrous blessings. I thank you, my friends, for the opportunity to speak to you and my heart grows large in gratitude and Love for those of you who have carried on this work. Thank you, thank you. And please continue, please work diligently and with Love. The rewards are awaiting you, my beloveds, and they are great. God bless you and keep you in His care. God bless you.

Re: New Messages

Posted: Thu Sep 24, 2015 10:30 pm
by Geoff
Healing the World.

Spirit: Confucius
Medium: Al Fike
Location: Gibsons, BC
Date: August 20, 2015 Thursday afternoon

Beloved, beautiful souls, I am Confucius. You did indeed come together to give healing to the world and healing to yourselves. And it was demonstrated to you the power of group prayer and the wonderment of this blessing that came through you for the world. Much was accomplished in this effort that you made together and some of you felt the power of it and perceived its beauty.

Do you see now that a group of souls coming together with the same intention can bring great blessings into this world, that what it requires is for a mutual agreement, a mutual effort and a loving desire to bring Light? Remember this, my beloveds, for you all have the opportunity when you return to your homes to form circles of like-minded souls, to create Light in the world, to bring it as a channel of Love that God’s blessings may reach out to many. Is this so difficult, my beloveds? No, it is not. It merely requires for you to focus your desire, your Love, your Light to bring about a blessing through prayer.

And as you continue to make your efforts, simple, yet powerful in the Love, you will draw many to you. Do not judge. Do not set impossible expectations upon those you invite through the threshold, but love them, love them, my beloveds, and tell them that God loves them and they will find comfort and solace in your embrace, in your acceptance, and in the wisdom of your simple sharing of the Truth.

Circles of Light, my beloveds, this is what is required in the world, creating Circles of Light where God’s Love manifests in beautiful ways for many souls who gather around that flame of Love warming them and bringing them peace and comfort and healing and joy. Circles of Light, my beloveds. Bring your Circles of Light wherever you go. Gather those together who are cold and afraid. Be generous. Be loving. Be kind. Nurture your brothers and sisters, for so many are lost and fearful and do not know where to turn, and you will provide for them a place of Light and healing and comfort. Circles of Light, my beloveds, this is what you must do. God will grant you the means. God will show you the way. God will guide you as you do His Will, creating Circles of Light. I am Confucius and I love you, my beloved, beautiful souls, precious, precious, beautiful souls. God bless you.