Coming Earth Changes

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Coming Earth Changes

Postby Geoff » Fri Aug 24, 2012 1:15 am

Many of our (divine love) receivers are getting messages that massive Earth Changes lie ahead. Many of these I have published on this site, and distributed on the mailing list. Now from another source, I have received what seems to me the most credible, and clearly set out explanation of the overview of the next several hundred years. Starting with events very soon, I gather:

Michigan, US of A, August 12, 2012.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “The Fundamentals of Light and Life.”

Received by Chris.

Teacher Ophelius: “Today we will talk about how the earth is getting ready to move from its current state of seeming chaos to one that is sober and ready to embrace the fundamentals of Light and Life. On more normal worlds in the universe, where there has been no rebellion, this shift is gradual and steady, but on your world, because of its confusion, it will come like a new mother who is in the pangs of child birth, where, after great pain, will come the joy of holding the new life that has finally arrived. She will soon forget the pain of labor and make plans to nurture the fragile life that she holds so dearly.

“The calamitous events, both natural and social, will fall like dominos and pick up speed, and finally, when they have all come to rest, then will you hear rumors of the appearance of the magisterial son, Monjoronson. When he and his administration move into the public arena, he will be working with the remnants of civil governments and progressive organizations to establish new sustainable societies. When men and women hear the wisdom from a paradisiacal viewpoint they will listen and understand that it is in their best interest to work with, and not against, his wise recommendations, for they will recognize that their very survival depends on the guided solutions that will be worked out to benefit the many. The old corrupt model of scarcity, greed, and elitism will be swept from world consciousness as the pillars of their control will have been dismantled and looked upon in disdain by new generations.

“In the following years after the dust has settled, and there is forward moving progress, events will again accelerate as the opposition to Monjoronson’s plans for the restructuring of societies fades and the fruits of these new sustainable ideas begin to flourish. The nations will work together like no other time in history to cast aside their suspicions and hostilities and bring an end to all wars and terrorism – they shall, as it has been foretold, ‘beat their spears into plow shears.’

“It may be at this time of peace that Christ Michael shall solidify his plans to return to the earth and officially usher in the age of Light and Life. It will be a time of great joy, a renaissance of advanced learning, art, science, and technology that will culminate the consciousness of humanity as they finally come to know the true meaning of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. Science and religion will have finally come full circle as men and women more fully understand the ascension plan and no longer will they ask, ‘Is there really a God?’ The time of the agondonters (those who believe without seeing) will be over.

“Make ready your hearts and minds, my friends, for you students on the path will be asked to participate in this brave new world that is at hand. You who have faithfully believed in this divine plan for the birth of the age of Light and Life may be called on by the Magisterial Son and His staff to work with the governments of earth to bring about the changes in thinking necessary to make ready for Christ Michael’s return to the earth.

“Peace to all,
“The Circle of Seven.”
© The 11:11 Progress Group.
“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009.
Love commands the universe. Man only resorts to control when love is missing.

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Re: Coming Earth Changes

Postby Zara Borthwick » Sun Aug 26, 2012 3:43 am

Hi all,

In reading this message about the future and coming from a Urantian slant, I thought it might be good for a comparison to read a Padgett message from George Whitefield:

August 8th, 1915

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, George Whitefield.

I was a preacher of England and a contemporary of John Wesley. I am in the Celestial Spheres where are only those who have received the New Birth that has been written about by other and more ancient spirits.

I merely want to say that I am still a follower of Jesus, but a little different in my knowledge of what he was and is. I do not now look upon him as God, or a part of God, but as His true son, and the greatest of all the spirits in the spirit world. There are none to be compared to him in beauty or spirituality or in his knowledge of God's truths.

I used to preach to thousands about his vicarious atonement and his blood sacrifice, but now I see his mission in a different light. it is not his death on the cross that saves men from their sins, nor his sacrifice that appeases the wrath of an angry God, but his life and teachings of the Divine Love bestowed on mankind and the way to obtain that Love, that saves men from their sins. There was no need to appease the wrath of an angry God for there was no angry God, only a Loving and Merciful God; and when men think that unless they turn from their sins they will be forever burned in a fiery hell, they are the dupes of preachers such as I was and will never get the Love of the Father by such teachings. God is Love, and men must know it - and His Love is for all of every race and clime.

I see now, what a great mistake I made in my conception of God and of Christ's mission on earth, and how much harm I did to mortals in my preaching and how I slandered the Father of love. But I was honest in my beliefs and taught as I thought the truth to be, yet that does not alter the fact that many a mortal after he became a spirit, was retarded for a long time in his spiritual progress, because of these false beliefs, which in order to progress he had to give up and start anew in his efforts to find the truths of God.

And as I worked hard and preached eloquently to make mortals believe these injurious doctrines while on earth, so now I am working hard and preaching eloquently to make spirits who come over with these beliefs, unlearn them and see the truth as it is.

I am in sympathy with the movement which the Master is now making to spread the truth of these spiritual things on earth and am ready to follow him in all his efforts to bring about the salvation of men not only from sin but from erroneous beliefs.

So I come to you tonight to express my sympathy and interest in the cause.

Let your work proceed, and do your best to make known to men the great truths which the Master shall teach. We will all join in the work and do everything in our power to speed the great cause of men's redemption from sin and ignorance.

The man must have the soul development by obtaining the Divine Love, because you cannot inspire a man to preach grand and sublime spiritual truths unless he has the capacity in his own soul to feel and understand the truths.

I will not write longer tonight.

I am your true friend,

George Whitefield

I think the last paragraph of this message has a lot of substance to it. And from that substance, the reality of truth then shines with light and life!

With love,

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