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2011 Divine Love Retreat

Posted: Thu Feb 24, 2011 10:57 pm
by Geoff
Dear Folks,

Ruth Duvall is organising this, and she writes:
Hello everyone,

I hope that all receive this email, but if there is someone you know who I don't have here on the email list, please forward the info as all are invited to attend. I have tried unsuccessfully to obtain information on the campsite we used before here in Fla. but found another just this weekend that I think is just perfect. You can bring up the web site to check it out for yourself, It is very clean and peaceful. They have 460 acres, so you have options for horseback riding on the trails, a hoedown with live music and dancing every Tues nite, and pot luck and bonfire on sun nite. There is a museum of horse drawn carriages onsite. Karen and I went to a horse show there this weekend and had a very relaxing time. The Villages are within 3-4 miles where you have shopping of all kinds; so if you need anything at all, it's not a problem: movie theatre, groceries, restaurants, etc. The resort also offers airport dropoff and pickup for $35 each way, right to your door, and the resort has a bus service to the villages so you won't need a car rental.

I need a head count of who will commit to coming as the more we have, the better pricing we can get of course. Currently we are looking at around $350 per person or less. For those who would commit, we would need to collect in advance when we come to a lockdown price. The open times we have are from April 27th through May 4th. Please get back to me or Holly asap. thanks!

With every prayer, I wish you Love!
Ruth Duvall

If you don't have Ruth's email, you can PM me on this board, and I will pass on the info.