Namibia (Africa) April 2017

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Namibia (Africa) April 2017

Postby Geoff » Tue Dec 20, 2016 10:14 pm

Divine Love Safari – Namibia 2017

I invite you to an adventure by travelling Namibia in the spirit of Divine Love.

April 4th to April 18th, 2017

It is an experiencing of many different situations in the flow of Divine Love. All is dependent on participants and what they are moved to do and it will be in the flow of soul understandings and experiencing. However, the framework of events are planned as follows:

Tuesday 4th (Arrival day) to Sunday 9th April 2017: Swakopmund- Gathering
[am and pm prayers at Mercker’s Home] Activities: Desert tours, Dune walking and sundowners, Boat tours, Mondesa(Township)-visit, Camel riding, Quadbiking, Beach walking, Swimming etc

Monday 10th to Wednesday 12th April 2017: Erindi Private Game Reserve
Stay 3 nights (and pay for two). Go here to look at costs [am and pm prayers ] discussion groups, rest, game drives, photography etc.

Thursday 13th to Monday 17th April 2017: Drimiopsis and Farm Elim – Gathering
Staying on farm and work in Drimiopsis during day. Prayer and Healing circles in Drimiopsis. Healing work for the sick and children. Building-work on Orphanage grounds. Gardening. Teaching. Travel to other isolated Bushmen camps. Visit Harnas Lion Reserve
Tuesday 18th(Departure day): Windhoek Airport-departure (3 hours drive from farm)

To save costs we try and prepare our own meals most of the time. All expenses are paid by participants themselves. I try and organize accommodation for free where possible (first confirmed coming, first serve basis).

Please note: we have many languages in our country and most people are multilingual. I cannot predict in what language a gathering will be conducted. We will make all efforts that people participating can follow in their language with the help of translators. English is our official language though.

Namibia is a huge country with long travelling-distances. Roads are dangerous. Theft is high. It is the rainy season, we have plenty of bugs and creepy crawlers. There is the possibility that personal comfort levels might get challenged at times by the above mentioned and the heat. Thus, get ready for an adventure on all levels. Please do your research and be informed and well prepared wrt visa, airfare, insurance, health aspects etc. We have 2 vehicles available for use, gas/petrol needs to be paid by participants. Once I have an idea how many are coming I can provide more and detailed information.

When researching flights, it would be great to fly into Walvisbay WVB and depart from Windhoek WHK- HoseaKutakoAirport (provided it is not an extra expense) It would save me a lot of driving. There are shuttle busses from Wdh to Swakop (5 hrs travel). We will work something out….not to worry.

*The Swahili word safari means journey, originally from the Arabic سفر (safar) meaning a journey

You are most welcome to arrive earlier or stay longer. I know it is a long way to come and we will be delighted to have you longer in Namibia than just the 2 weeks for the Divine Love Safari. It is an amazing country and you will not be disappointed.

Flights out of Europe are with Condor (Frankfurt Windhoek nonstop) about 700US$, also check with KLM (Amsterdam-Windhoek) about 700US$; Air Namibia (Frankfurt-Windhoek) more expensive. SouthAfricanAirways or Lufthansa via Johannesburg. I am sure there are many more options as Namibia has become a very popular destination.

The Namibian Dollar is linked to the South African Rand and thus is devaluing accordingly. This is to the benefit for the visitors coming from overseas and to travel here is fairly cheap for most. Groceries are expensive (for us Namibians) but I think for the prior mentioned reason, it might be cheap for most visitors.

I deeply wish and pray that permanent circles of Light will be established in Swakopmund and in Drimiopsis through the Grace of God and your presence here. During the stay in the game reserve I hoped we could focus prayers upon our land, nature, animals and mother earth in general. We, the people here need lot of healing prayers too.- A focused healing mini-retreat in natural environment with amazing wild life.

Some want to spend more time in Drimiopsis and help there. It would be advisable to extend your stay at the end then. CSN has received the land of 4,5 hecktars (9 acres) applied for and we want to proceed clearing part of the land end January. We received the good news about 10 days ago from the Minister of Lands and Resettlement. In deep gratitude and joy from all of us for all the prayers and support. It is so hard to believe, after 3.5years wait. A sure test of faith and patience.

This is all for now and please don’t hesitate to write or send me your questions. To all a blessed season of joy in His Love and may we meet soon under African skies.
Loving embraces,
Love commands the universe. Man only resorts to control when love is missing.

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