My Life After Death - Eric Medhus

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My Life After Death - Eric Medhus

Postby Geoff » Sun May 13, 2018 2:55 am

This book, and an earlier one is popping up a bit. Eric's mother was initially agnostic or atheist, and then lost her son at about age 20 to suicide. She uses other mediums to construct these books, and I did not find those individuals identified. I always like to now something about a medium, so that is a serious negative for me.

This book starts very strongly, with Eric seemingly having spent probably a week or more in the Earth Plane after his death trying to communicate with the various members of his family. He has it seems quite some success with that. He gives very detailed accounts of his experiences and they come across quite authoritatively. I was somewhat surprised by one bit, but not so as to call it in error. Because to be honest I have not ever read a book exactly like this one. Anyway he explains that from the Astral Plane where he is - but doesn't know he is - he claims to be able to obtain not just active thoughts of family members but even past memories. I thought there were certain limits or rules here, but I am happy to let this go for now.

Later he passes to the Spirit Spheres - Mansion Worlds. His descriptions of time here are absolutely unique, to the extent I began to wonder what on Earth is being channeled. I have never heard a spirit being claim their time is non-linear. We know from the Urantia Book the Mansion Worlds are time/space, but time is experienced differently. Yet Eric tells us it's all simultaneous. Doubt starts to creep in now, big time. Next he says he has no real form. He is the same as the orb captured on a camera by his sister. Yes his explanation of 360 degree vision fits, but not the issue of not being "solid" because all too many have said they are very solid. Then he starts on reincarnation. Was a Monarch Butterfly and a woman in France in the 1400's. Yeah..... book closed. Maybe I might go back and see if he has any more killer rubbish, but it saddens me how these sort of books get believed over stuff that we have "proven".

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