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What goes on in Hell - Paul and Albert

Posted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 11:19 pm
by Geoff
A new web friend Bridget Andrews who lives in the UK sent me a booklet of Rev George Vale Owen published in 1924 that I had never heard of, and could not be found at all on the internet. Now that is low profile!!!!

Anyway, its called "Paul and Albert" and its the story of these two guys in hell. Albert,is less of a sinner, having been seriously wronged by Paul. This is truly a magnificent tale of exactly how one gets on in hell, why its hell, and how you get out - slowly. Of course there is nothing in there about Divine Love, but I think its a magic tale. I have only ever found two other books its equal, so I have now created a free pdf, and anytime someone wants to know: "What Goes on in Hell" this is the answer:

Paul and Albert - an Extract from Volume 5 of Life Beyond the Veil. (Second Edition)