The Quiet Revolution of the Soul

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The Quiet Revolution of the Soul

Postby Geoff » Tue Dec 20, 2016 3:12 am

The soul is a subject that tends not to get much press, and when it does, many commentators frankly do not know the difference between the soul, the mind, the spirit energy and a human being. So its really great to have a commentary from someone who knows these differences, and knows the differences because of a personal journey of soul transformation. In other words, he is talking from experience.

We are supposed to grow our souls here on Earth, but unfortunately far too many teachers claim that all we have to do, is remember who we are. Sadly that is not the truth. The truth is that we have to do the hard yards. And there is a choice here, we can do the very hard yards, or the shorter somewhat hard yards. The choice is whether we ask God to help in this soul transformation, or whether we walk alone. A classic illustration of this harder choice is Buddhism, but its nearly impossible to find a coherent explanation of how we walk this easier path God-Assisted. This is such a book. Read it, read it closely, and put into practice what it recommends and you will also experience soul transformation, as I have indeed. Its not an overnight thing, but if you look back on ten or fifteen years soul growth you will be amazed.

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