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"Rita's World Vol, II" by Frank DeMarco

Posted: Wed Oct 12, 2016 6:58 pm
by Sofia
Can we communicate with the dead? Frank DeMarco, author of Rita's World, Vol I and II, doesn't only answer this question with a big YES, he has also devoted a large part of his life to explore profound questions in conversations with beings on the other side.

In Rita's World, Vol II: A View from the Non-Physical, author Frank DeMarco continues his conversation with his friend Rita Warren, who has passed over to the other side. From there she explains concepts such as free will, energetic healing, the unconscious and how to change the world.

What I really like about the Rita books are that the answers aren't given. There is no classic ”near-death-scenes,” described, or general truisms about the afterlife. Rather, many answers Rita provides about the ”other side,” as well as about the life in the material world, are surprising and mind-stretching. She stresses the importance of understanding being a process, a step-by-step experience, that cannot be forced. She says: ”Enlightenment is merely a matter of experiencing and comprehending ongoing connection … This is not a matter of concepts, for a person may have a transformative experience and be unable to put it into logic or concept – unable or not needing to. Or, a person may have the concept as an abstract possibility and fail to make it real.”

Open-minded, sometimes mind-blowing and highly entertaining, Rita's and Frank's conversations shines light on questions any seeker ponders, and do this in a way that feels engaging and respectful. There is much to learn from the other side, and with mutual effort Rita and Frank share generously.

Re: "Rita's World Vol, II" by Frank DeMarco

Posted: Wed Oct 12, 2016 8:32 pm
by Geoff
Hi Sofia,

I have not heard of this book or this author, which is surprising given that I have devoted 15 years of my life to such books. But then I get surprised every day, and generally it is by strangers recommending books. So I will hope to see if I can find this one. I hope there is an e-book I can get a taste first, as I find postage is now making real books very expensive. Mind you, I just paid US$95 for a first edition of a 1944 Anthony Borgia book - the only one I have ever seen offered for sale. And its a tiny thing.