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The Highlands of Heaven Volume 2

Posted: Mon Jan 05, 2015 3:12 am
by Geoff
Highlands of Heaven Volume 2 of Life Beyond the Veil.

by Rev George Vale Owen

This is the second volume of a five volume set received in the period 1913 on, and first published in 1920. I value it because the spirits here acknowledge the existence of the Christ Spheres, which to my mind is probably the single most important fact one can learn about life after death. The second most important fact is how to become a Christ Spirit, but this series does not teach that.

This particular volume is recited by Zabdiel, a spirit residing in what we would call the Fifth Sphere, but which in this series is called the Tenth. Many topics are covered, and once again you get the feeling that you are a part of the action. He describes his own home, the inter-relation of the various spheres, creation of the species, the blindness of intellectual arrogance, many of the Temples and wonderful events of glorious thanksgiving, meeting his own guide for the first time, events at the Children's home, and his own ascension to a higher sphere. I offer a free pdf, and have a Kindle version at Amazon.

Re: The Highlands of Heaven Volume 2

Posted: Fri Apr 17, 2020 9:23 am
by nzmagpie
Im forever grateful to Geoff for putting me in touch with this volume. There are so many pearls of wisdom and satisfaction of my scientific curiousity. I can understand why Arthur Conan Doyle thought it was the most inspired (set of books) received from heaven up until that time.
I actually get excited reading it and at this time during the Covid-19 lockdown, one does not feel alone. God is in control!

Re: The Highlands of Heaven Volume 2

Posted: Sun Apr 19, 2020 10:35 pm
by Geoff
Hi there maggie pie!!!!

I love all those volumes. So easy to read and so insightful. Looks like things are going well in the land of the long white cloud? We are also doing well as far as statistics go. Far better than I expected so we will have to see if we manage to resist "opening up" too soon. I like the idea of making it easier for our two countries to travel between as this and other virus' are going to be around for many years I think.