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Co-op Villages - The Next Evolution

Posted: Thu Sep 18, 2014 7:16 am
by Geoff
A friend gave me this book and is certainly a subject I am interested in. Namely how can we totally transform the way we live and the footprint we have on this earth. I think the book has merit, a lot of merit, and it would be very interesting to go and see how they are doing in Florida, where a prototype village for 500 people has been created.

However the book is poorly edited, and lacks creative flair. What I mean by that is they seem so determined to have a LOW COST village, no matter what it looks like. I thought it reminded me of Army Barracks. I do believe that with careful selection of a site, and clever architectural design, one can build lower cost, if not low cost homes. But I don't think I would be willing to move into this village. I like a bit of comfort, and a bit of "harmony" and style.

ISBN 978-0-9794865-0-0

Actually it looks like although the book was published in 2007, that they STILL are not off the ground. Thats a clear vote the formula is not attractive enough.


Re: Co-op Villages - The Next Evolution

Posted: Mon Sep 22, 2014 6:01 am
by Geoff
The way things are, I came across the concept of "Tiny Houses" and i think some of this magic needs to penetrate the guys trying the co-op experiment: ... 6061679140

And this is kinda extreme: ... er/379947/

but this is kinda cute: ... m/L41.html

And here are 12 amazing designs : ... se#slide-1

And a chilled out lady uses a container first then a flatbed: ... ture=share

Yup its as I thought, you need creativity with the small.