Harmony of the Universe

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Harmony of the Universe

Postby Geoff » Fri Aug 29, 2014 6:45 am

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The science behind healing, prayer and spiritual growth.

by Andrew Gazewski (Author), Paul Kieniewicz (Editor)

I truly wonder how many who read this book will really understand the significance of what is found here. It completely astounds me that a Catholic priest, and a priest held in very high regard by his peers, would teach in this manner. Of course he still held to orthodoxy, even as he stumbled onto the Truths that I believe Jesus taught. Because what you find here in Chapter 6 on Meditation is EXACTLY that which has been communicated across the veil, and by no less than the Master himself. Perhaps those who dismiss communication between realms as being possible will accept that which a simple Catholic priest suggests? In reading this book I truly wished I could have an afternoon to chat with Andrew and share my perceptions and bounce off his. But make no mistake, if you put into practise what is suggested on prayer and meditation in this book, you will not be the same person ten years from now, such is the power of the Divine Energy that will act upon your soul, and you will be well down the path of achieving rebirth by spirit.

I do not subscribe to all of the theories that Andrew puts forward, but there certainly are a great many that I accept entirely, as they were known to me, in some cases by personal experience. But overall this book is extremely insightful, and valuable.

Its available here.

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