What are you crying about

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What are you crying about

Postby Geoff » Sun Jul 06, 2014 1:41 am

Brian Holmes may not be known to many of us personally, but he has devoured the four Kindle TGRABJs that i published, and written rave reviews. Now he has his own book written:

What Are You Crying About?

Defeating Grief for Christians (and Other Believers)

It can be purchased here:


Well I finally got a bit of spare time, and read the book. Its really well structured, well researched and well written. In short a great book. Perhaps the only VERY minor point that crossed my mind, is I think there was a passing comment about the impact intense grief has on the one who has passed over, but certainly in the early days and weeks this can be a very big problem, and literally draws the spirit out of the spirit spheres (if they are there of course) and into the Earth Plane. Fortunately very young children, who could almost all be expected to be exposed to absolute anguish from their parents, are protected from this energy field, but not so adults.

Well done, a very great book Brian.

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