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The Gate of Heaven - Robert James Lees

Posted: Tue Sep 10, 2013 9:57 am
by Geoff
I have finally found the time to create a Kindle version of The Gate of Heaven. (This book by Robert James Lees dates to 1931.) This is in my view an absolutely amazing book, because it is perhaps only one of three that I know of that have any significant treatment of the realm that lies beyond that which we automatically reach on death. As such it totally supports the revelations contained in both the Padgett Messages and The Urantia Book. But beyond that, I am also not sure I am aware of any errors in this book - it is that good. The only minor confusion is that it appears to use a numbering schema for the spirit spheres (mansion worlds in the Urantia Book) that are used by spiritualists, and so if you actually have some understanding of these levels, you can be confused.

One of the major strengths of this book may also be its greatest weakness. It makes extensive use of the Bible to support what Aphraar discovers, and thus indicates that these "heretical" views are actually supported by the Bible, even if they are quite different to that taught by orthodox Christian churches. But some people may be put off by the Bible quotes.

The ebook is here.

Re: The Gate of Heaven - Robert James Lees

Posted: Fri Jun 19, 2015 8:58 am
by Geoff
I have just revisited "The Gate of Heaven". And what a gem of a book this is. This book contains the most detailed description of the process of reaching the new birth and its immediate aftermath of any similar resource I have found in the last fifteen years. In the two other revelations that also cover this vital process, there are no such details. Reading each of them feels like they have real parts of this jigsaw puzzle, yet not one precisely corroborates the other—the pieces are quite different. The Urantia Book makes it clear that this stage is passed via a fusion event—fusion with one's Father Fragment, also known by other names. This results in the mortal's personality and experiences being merged with the divinity of a divine eternal being, and resulting in the creation of a new being eternal in nature. The Padgett Messages uses another concept to describe this event, focussing on Father's Divine Love which it states creates a new being. Certainly numerous examples within this particular revelation illustrate that following the advice can cause an individual to reach the new birth a lot faster than Aphraar, who took about 40 years. Helen Padgett herself managed the process in under 12 months. The Urantia Book does not make the point that one must spend considerable time in real communion with Father to reach the point at which fusion can occur, and for that matter neither does this book. As commented on previously this book refers to the Biblical passage at Emmaus - “hearts a burning” quite a few times, but never explains why or what that might mean, which Padgett and also Dr. Samuels tell us is the process of receiving Father's Divine Love and is the process by which one prepares for the new birth. It is therefore curious that nothing like that is described here. I once found a comment that the exact details of this transition to a new being are never shared with those that have not experienced it. In short they are kept secret. Perhaps this has something to do with the lack of apparent commonality between the Padgett Messages, the Urantia Book and this book? I personally do not see any conflict between these different perspectives, and I believe all are important and contain vital Truth. Available at Amazon as an e-book for under $2.00 :