The new Messiah and the journey of the soul

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The new Messiah and the journey of the soul

Postby Geoff » Wed Jul 10, 2013 12:49 am

This book I discovered by searching for other books published by Emma Ruder Drollinger. Sadly the inside cover pages do not list any other titles, and it has a date of publication of 1920 and a copyright note of 1921.

Within the book this refers to three volumes, but again without noting titles. The copyright listing in the official copyright record indicates however this is indeed Volume II. And this book does have chapters on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd celestial heavens, as promised would follow after the first volume entitled: The journey of the soul and the ethereal world and reviewed previously here.

I noted in the previous review that I had found no evidence that the author actually knew what Divine Love is, and how to receive it into the soul, even though she uses that word frequently. And given that she is aware of the existence of these Celestial Heavens, whose entrance requires a mortal to have consciously received an enormous amount of Divine Love, I fail to see how she could not know. But again, there is in this book no evidence she knows. Added to that, she uses the word "messiah" loosely, and claims there have been many messiahs, even though the word itself really means a single instance which brought about mortal salvation. And through the Padgett Messages we know that Jesus did that, not by dying on the cross, but by causing Divine Love to be present again in this world, and enabling each of us to be reborn of spirit, should we so choose. And this is the point - it's a choice not an automatic thing. So when she also describes Buddhism as the finest religion ever taught, I am gobsmacked. Jesus himself referred to Buddhism as a ship without a harbour - see the Urantia Book. It's a pure natural Love path religion. Excellent in that aspect, even without equal as a natural love path religion but it has nothing of the higher Truths Jesus came to teach.

I am afraid I think this book is a waste of time. Its esoteric in the extreme, and I doubt you will learn anything that will allow you to progress your soul. Which is what it is actually about.

Love commands the universe. Man only resorts to control when love is missing.

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