Millennial Hospitality III

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Millennial Hospitality III

Postby Geoff » Tue May 21, 2013 10:00 am

By Charles James Hall.

This is the weirdest book I have ever read. It is a bit like an autobiography where the author really really wanted to share every snippet of his life, yet it all takes place in the space of part of his military service. And when he is in the USA at an Air Force base where he is a weather observer, he is exposed to regular contact with aliens he calls "tall whites". They seem to have a base nearby, and they are undergoing some sort of familiarisation. He also meets them in Las Vegas. When "dressed up" they seem to pass for us, even though they are short a thumb on each hand.

I bought this book as it was recommended as the best of the series. As such, I found myself thrown into the deep end, with nothing much to give me any background about what went before, nor even the scope of the book. I do accept aliens exist. But I am pretty sure that if this was the only (or first) book I read on that subject, I would probably dismiss this one as ridiculous. There are any number of reasons why I might conclude that. Just one. When aliens clearly sporting very superior technology, including the ability to communicate by thoughts and read (some) thoughts are so nervous and wired up that they kill, or in this case, very nearly kill Airman Charlie, I do wonder how they can be so ridiculously scared of us. We really have grounds to be scared of them.

Secondly it appears that they have little remorse over killing or nearly killing humans. That is based on the supposed dialogue they have, where they seem to view us as not much more than a pesky rat. Of course this might not be the impression the author intended to convey, but its where it left me. Later on the dialogue seems to convey they are indeed fond of Charlie. That indifference to killing would suggest they don't have to pay the spiritual consequences that we do, when we kill. Yet I am sure they are not subject to different Spiritual Laws. Truly advanced beings do not fear death, and hence don't rush to kill those that threaten their physical existence. And in this case Airman Charlie had never ever harmed one of them. And when they wounded him almost mortally, they did not seem able to assist.

Next he goes off to Vietnam. This appears to be a long drawn out exercise to prove that it is possible to be given absolutely accurate details about the future. Heck i knew that, I really hoped for a lot more out of the second half of the book.

Finally a few pages on the authors proposed changes to scientific views on how we view magnetism and electricity. He proposes there is at least one additional real physical field, which would be currently unknown to science and he has good arguments for that. But I doubt that fits the audience reading this book. Actually I believe he is on the money, as a number of things I have experienced would point to that being the case.

So why did I buy this book? Well it was mentioned by Paul Hellyer, former Minister of Defense of Canada, during the UFO Citizen Hearings on Disclosures and this talk took place on 5/3/2013. You can see him present his information here:

If you really want to know if there are aliens and UFOS, the book I would recommend is Disclosure by Steven M Greer. Thats absolutely overwhelming with its information, even if its not about one on one encounters with aliens.

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