Revelation - The Divine Fire

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Revelation - The Divine Fire

Postby Geoff » Sun Mar 03, 2013 10:33 am

By Brad Steiger.
Subtitled: An investigation of Men and Women Who claim to be in spiritual communication with A Higher Intelligence.

I was pointed to this book, because it is one of very few books where the Padgett Messages have been discussed. The original premise of the author was to find those individuals who have experienced what he calls "the divine fire". I know this as "the Masters' Golden Flame". I only know it as that, because I have a friend who has had this experience, and written about it in "in the service of 11:11"

Sadly however I think the author really did not know what he was looking for, and thus this book is a mishmash and loses its direction as the author never takes control of its direction. In fact I don't think the chapter on the Padgett Messages is appropriate here, and I should know what I am talking about. The Padgett Messages teach how to feel Divine Love. The receipt of the "Masters Golden Flame" is a very different matter. I wish I was certain exactly what it is, but I am not. But I know its not the receipt of Divine Love. I would speculate it may be some sort of mindal upgrade, but I am not sure of that.

I gave up half way though this book. Sadly. There is a far better book on this subject - Cosmic Consciousness.
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