He walks with me - Brad and Sherry Steiger

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He walks with me - Brad and Sherry Steiger

Postby Geoff » Mon Feb 04, 2013 10:16 pm

This book was published in 1998. It is a collection of encounters with Jesus. Overall its a very interesting book, and one is quite amazed how much obviously goes on. It also has a chapter on the Padgett messages - chapter 21 which came about after Dr John Paul Gibson contacted the authors. Chapter 7 is to my mind the real find. Its a detailed analysis of the Shroud of Turin, and is fascinating. It is based on an article published in 1993 in the Winter/Spring issue of the Quarterly Journal of Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship and the subsequent book by Frank C Tribbe : Portrait of Jesus? The Illustrated Story of the Shroud of Turin I have bought this and will review it very soon.

There is a great deal of commonness in many of these chapters, but there are also elements that are weird, in the sense that it seems the encounters result in "Jesus" teaching something that we understand to be false. This is something that I have noticed, and wonder if its the same as the issue of mediums with strong biases. Except one would not have assumed that "visions" would be affected by the bias of the mind. Well, I would not have assumed that automatically.
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