Born to Heal by Ruth Montgomery

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Born to Heal by Ruth Montgomery

Postby Geoff » Thu Apr 12, 2012 6:48 am

Born to Heal
by Ruth Montgomery

In the book "Search for the Truth" by the same author, she mentions in passing an amazing healer. (It seems that although the healer is anonymous in this book, his name was William E. Gray) This book is the story of his life. All I can say is "wow". Apparently he did try to describe how he operates, in a much earlier book that I have also obtained, and called "Know Your Magnetic Field"

One of the fascinating concepts here is that we each have different magnetic fields, and that healers, to be most effective, should align with the patient. He also suggests that your basic sign - fire, earth, water or air indicates the compatibility of our magnetic fields to a partner, and that its either energising or debilitating if you have the wrong life partner at an energy level. Geez, another thing to worry about?

Published initially in 1976, this is a book about the most amazing healer to have walked this planet. And that I think includes Jesus of Nazareth. It would not be fair to compare this anonymous individual to Jesus in any other respect, but given that he spent his whole life healing, and that he healed the most amazing conditions, I think that statement is warranted. I think that this book could just be the most impressive book I have ever read. So what is so amazing?

Firstly this individual was so connected to spirit, over his entire lifetime, that he learnt exactly what he was doing and why. And thus he has set out a conceptual framework as to why we suffer from disease and even mental illness, and what to do to remove these conditions permanently. The framework makes a great deal of sense to me, as I have an electrical engineering background, and I am also a remote healer, so I have felt these "life energy currents"

Were there any cases he could not solve? Well not mentioned specifically but if individuals did not return for the proper course of treatments, he predicted that their condition would return. In his own mind, he permanently resolved 9 out of 10 cases. It is interesting that he found that a longstanding case of arthritis would take many treatments to reverse. But he never comments that "wear and tear" cannot be reversed, which is what we have been led to understand. And he certainly healed some folks very advanced in years.

This book is based on research by Ruth Montgomery, and she refers to a much earlier book called "Know your Magnetic Field" that was written by this individual's nurse, and in close collaboration with the healer himself. But she neglects to mention that she pretty much has extracted all of that book as source material for her book. Which means of course by obtaining that earlier book, you can get a good insight into the material.

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