Hostage to the Devil

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Hostage to the Devil

Postby Geoff » Thu Apr 12, 2012 5:02 am

This book, is written by Malachi Martin, a Catholic Cleric. It was initially published in 1976 and is subtitled "The Possession and Exorcism of five contemporary Americans."

I bought this book, to learn more about the church process of exorcism. The book was recommended by M Scott Peck, a psychologist and author I have enormous regard for. He was himself present at one of these, and so I was willing, indeed eager to read this book.

But, as always, one raises new questions. Martin has done a very fine job of trying to get into the minds of all the folks involved, both before, during and after exorcism. Of course he has his explanations, some of which I would be unwilling to accept, because I have moved on from Catholic doctrine. Still, it remains largely unidentified why some of these folks were indeed so possessed. That they consented, appears the case, but they really had no idea what they were consenting to. Still a puzzle, is why these folks? They did not seem to be "bad", although of course many folks have deep secrets. And "bad" can be purely of the mind. I still suspect the Law of Attraction plays a role, but its far from clear.

I started out reading this book with the view that the churches don't really know what they are doing. I have not yet finished it, and now I suspect, in these cases certainly, that its possible there was a level of evil beyond that which was ever experienced by Dr Irene Hickman, who I do consider the expert on these matters. I guess there are things we really battle to know, even so, it never stops me trying to understand. But I do think that one should respect evil for the danger it presents to the unwary, and unprotected. Until we have grown into wonderful energy beings of the light, we need to be wary, and keep our guides close.
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