Is Reincarnation an Illusion?

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Is Reincarnation an Illusion?

Postby Geoff » Thu Apr 12, 2012 4:44 am

There is no doubt that folks that believe in reincarnation while here on earth, will continue for a considerable period to still believe in that. I found one fellow who I think had been dead 10,000 years and still believed but was frustrated because not only had he not returned, but now he saw he did not want to.

I have tried to describe all the issues in a book "Is reincarnation an illusion?" which has now been published. The pdf has been withdrawn at this stage.

There are many things that are hard to explain, and appear as "proof" of reincarnation. And when you add to that the ability to create your own reality in the next realm, it does not surprise me that a fellow in the mansion worlds would continue to believe in reincarnation.

This book is now in print at Lulu:

and available as an e-book at Amazon

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