Sai Baba - The Holy Man......and the Psychiatrist

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Sai Baba - The Holy Man......and the Psychiatrist

Postby Geoff » Thu Apr 12, 2012 4:41 am

This book is written by Samuel H Sandweiss. Its a good book on Sai Baba, and its once again amazing how I came by this. Some of you might know I am fully into the six volumes of The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East, and I started thinking about Sai Baba. I came across him many years ago, and wanted to renew my acquaintance with him, now that I have travelled so much further in my journey. Sai Baba is of course, on the surface, much the same as the yogi masters described in those six volumes. Not absolutely however. So I waltz into a second hand book shop that I go to about once a month, and there is this book.

I am thinking Sai Baba is an enigma. He sometimes claims to be "us" and us to be him, but mostly what I read is he is God with a big G, and certainly he encourages folks to come to him, and be with him in communion. Is this worship? I don't want to put words in anyones's mouth, but it must be close. He also says he is an Avatar. So what is an Avatar in his words? A descender, not an ascender like you and I. Now we do know from the Urantia Book that we have had descender's here. Machieventa, Adam, Eve and Jesus. Is it possible that at the time the Ubook was being received that there might be an Avatar on earth that they failed to tell us about? Possible, but I think unlikely.

Now there is absolutely no doubt in my mind Sai Baba must be the most advanced individual living on this world that I know about. Maybe some of those Indian Yogi are also alive, but I don't know about them. I can't detect much humility about Sai Baba, but I don't detect any arrogance either. Obviously lots of real unconditional love. But I have not met him, only read other's opinions. If I look at his teachings, I can only criticise the general thrust to a very minor degree. He absolutely teaches communion/union with God and feeling Divine Love. No doubt about that, that makes him almost alone amongst world teachers to have got that right 100% IMHO. He also sets a very high moral code, so that in effect he also teaches Natural Love, but I have not seen him make any clear distinction between the two, although he has stated Divine Love is the fastest way to progess, and that is very true.

So what's my problem? He teaches reincarnation. I cannot reconcile how such an advanced being can get this wrong. And of course those that believe in reincarnation will latch on, and I have to say : "I can't explain that"

So I asked my Indwelling Spirit for some insight. I am never too sure of my ability to discern my IS's teaching, but I get that he is not an Avatar. I am hoping we can entice a celestial to comment, but I suspect we may not. That's another thing. Sai Baba has never ever in my research mentioned celestials. And they seem to return the favour. He's almost a persona non grata, it would seem. Weird? Very weird. As I said, an enigma. Is he is or is he not an Avatar? Avatars come from the Celestial realm, and do know all about their brothers and sisters. He claims to be "Lord of Lords", and he does talk about Jesus' teachings, but I am not sure he calls Jesus an Avatar. But I do not discern that Jesus/Michael is currently working with him, as is patently obvious with the other Indian Yogis I have researched.

For folks that don't know about Sai Baba, he has materialised thousands of "trinkets" as he loves to give presents to folks, as also candy. These presents include photos, calling cards, gold medallions, beads, even a holy book, and a crucifix which he claimed had the wood from Jesus' cross and that the figure was accurate, not an artistic rendition. Not heard a lot about healing, although I know he was "sick" for six days, having taken on the sickness of a devotee, and he is credited with reviving someone who was declared dead in an Indian hospital. He seems to be able to bilocate, although he travels by car when he wants to move around. There are reports of his altering the weather, and he can read minds. His spiritual presence is so strong he typically causes folks to burst into tears when they are close. Folks have reported seeing him in dreams or catching a glimpse of him even when overseas. His photos sometimes manifest "vibutti" a sort of healing ash that he creates all the time.

Love commands the universe. Man only resorts to control when love is missing.

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