A History of the Urantia Papers.

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A History of the Urantia Papers.

Postby Geoff » Thu Apr 12, 2012 4:37 am

By Larry Mullins and in association with Dr Meredith J Sprunger.

This is certainly an interesting book, and it is strictly the "official" version of events, although to be fair the author takes a very great issue with the fact that the Urantia Book has been slightly altered since the initial 1955 publication, without any notification of that being so, nor it appears with the trustees of the Urantia Foundation knowing or authorising it, which in fact they would be prohibited from doing, in terms of the trust they are elected to uphold.

The official version means its strictly in line with Dr Sadler's POV. That puts them very at variance with us here, and they would be very disparaging of our efforts to teach folks to hear their teacher's voice. Actually, reading this, I see why the official Urantia Community has become sterile, mindal and soulless. Would I recommend it? Yes because its thorough but I think its also worth reading the Sherman Diaries, even though you will find them disparaged in this book. I look forward one day finding out what the truth really is. How did the Urantia book come to have a significant error, which error happens to support Dr Sadler's life long belief, that mediumship is impossible. Unless a human altered it. Now this error is trivial balanced against the over one million words. But sadly it has come to define the Urantia Community, the official community as being totally against the notion that celestials can or will talk to us. And that its so sad it would make you cry. In essence it makes it impossible to actually USE that work, and grow beyond it. With the help of your teachers.

I did cringe at one remark. Apparently Dr Sadler wrote that the Jesus Papers could indeed contain errors because it was the work of midwayers, "whose minds are only nominally greater than ours". And totally overlooking the fact that they never forget anything. If George Barnard ever spotted that remark, I think he might blow a fuse. I of course believe they do contain errors, but I surely don't attribute that to our midway friends and brothers.

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