Conversations with Nostradamus

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Conversations with Nostradamus

Postby Geoff » Thu Apr 12, 2012 4:33 am

By Dolores Cannon. First printed in 1989, recorded in 1986. Vol I

Dolores is a past life regression specialist. With a twist. She seeks to get the past life to talk about that life, from the past. (Just to remind you all, I do not accept that reincarnation is true)

This is a very novel twist. Its not that these past folks are talking in the now, they appear to be talking across time, knowing we are ahead of them. Leaving that aside, I still was prepared to read what she had to say.

Well after some tricky stuff, especially because it is said that Nostradamus himself said he would never talk from the grave, she gets a hold of the great man, and proceeds to translate many of the quatrains. Early in the book two things were discussed which impressed me greatly, and caused me to really wonder about this book. One was a description of time that pretty much exactly describes the very same and highly unusual description, that our own George has given. Now this book was published first in 1986, some time ago.

Cut to the chase. Sadly, even as I am impressed by the apparent amazing transcriptions of these quatrains, nevertheless objectively I have to confess that a prediction so shrouded in mystery and symbolism is useless. But, Nostradamus seems to be saying every hour counts, he must get proper understanding out there, to help us avoid disaster. (Curious that after Dolores contacts him, he's suddenly the one with a massive need to talk at this very moment)

The bulk of the book is about the third anti-Christ. Apparently Napoleon and Hitler were the first two. Bear in mind, we are 15 years after this book now, and as far as I can tell, there is not the slightest sign of this wicked fellow. (Glad of course!) He is supposed to have begun in Iran, united much of the middle east and northern Africa, invaded Turkey, and then turned on Italy and destroyed all of Rome, before the USA and UK get into stopping him somewhere in Europe. There is also a pope who was supposed to be assassinated, and the last pope in cahoots with this charming (literally) fellow. The release of secret books from the Vatican library is supposed to destroy Christianity.

I can't say I would recommend this book, unless some sign of this fellow emerges, then you will have to rush to get the book. And this is just the anti-Christ stuff. He also has a whole lot of earth changes stuff, but that's all in Volume II. Continents splitting in half, not good.

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