The Elephant Whisperer

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The Elephant Whisperer

Postby Geoff » Thu Apr 12, 2012 4:28 am

I just loved this book, its a wonderful story of a herd of rogue African elephants, heading for a bullet, when Laurence Antony decides to accept them, even though his small game park is not yet equipped to hold elephant. It's a story of how one man came to be loved and respected by a small herd of elephants, who had learned to hate men. Wonderfully written, full of stories about Africa, the game, and the folks who live there.

But what caught MY eye, was the observation that these guys (eles) know when Laurence Antony was away from the reserve, and PRECISELY when he would return. Even to the extent they knew he missed a flight in Johannesburg, and returned to the bush to emerge at the right time. Laurence does not claim to be psychic, although he does clearly have some intuitive abilities, but he clearly is unable to explain how this occurs. No doubt he would be fascinated to find Rupert Sheldrake who is a a Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge and a Research Fellow of the Royal Society, and who has recorded the same abilities with our domestic cats and dogs. The ability to know the precise moment you decide to come home, even if it's hours before you arrive. It's yet more evidence that our minds and thoughts are not locked in our heads.

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