Disclosure by Steven Greer

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Disclosure by Steven Greer

Postby Geoff » Thu Apr 12, 2012 4:28 am

UFO's is not my deal, But, when this book almost jumped off the shelf at a second hand book store in Gosford, I thought maybe its time for me too. That one man can collect this amount of testimony, and even classified documents just shows you that in spite of death threats by agencies determined to shut this down, there must be a heck of a lot of folks with personal experiences of UFOS. And many of these are in the military, folks who are career veterans in their field of expertise, fully capable of knowing what they see either by sight, or on radar screens, is what they know it is, a UFO. Craft tracked at between 3,500 mph and 10,000 mph. Photos taken (but now concealed from us) of UFO disabling an ICBM at 10,000 mph. Testimony of ufos shutting down whole missile silos so the ICBMs cannot be fired. Entire aircraft carriers disabled, including their hot-to-go aircraft. On one occasion the entire Eastern seaboard of the USA chased just one UFO that played with them, moving as fast as needed to move beyond the planes that were scrambled. And on and on. Clearly these aliens are very concerned about our military, and our WMD. (Weapons of mass destruction.) Just as George has been told, that we are not allowed to take WMDs into space, so too is the testimony that aliens have prevented us from doing exactly that. You can find lots of YouTube stuff on Steven Greer. He has put his economic life on hold to try and achieve disclosure, but sadly I wonder if that will ever occur willingly. It seems the agencies that control access and in fact disseminate misinformation are well below the places where politicians can order them to comply. They are simply officially as non-existent as the UFOS. In every case in his book every observer and all the evidence was silenced.

Great book for anyone willing to be open minded. If you are, you will come away knowing we have alien friends here. Its time for us to be friendly too.

One thing that very much surprised me about this book, is an interview with Monsignor Corrado Balducci of the Vatican. Basically not only do they accept the likelihood of there being other life, but they also surmise they would be more spiritually advanced than us (less sinful is how he puts it)

It occurred to me, that some billions of folks are Christians, because of "eye witness" testimony that is hand me down 2000 years old. Here we have maybe 50 or 60 eyewitnesses, all extremely qualified, many life time military folks, who are willing to testify to a Congressional hearing. Live witnesses! There is not a jury in the world that would not believe these guys.
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