Time for Truth by Nick Bunick

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Time for Truth by Nick Bunick

Postby Geoff » Thu Apr 12, 2012 4:27 am

I bought this book because it seemed that a friend thought it might be good. Well, I only read half the book - its rare for me to abandon a spiritual book mid way. The author claims of course to be in good contact with his guides, and to have undergone extensive past life regression to arrive at the conclusion that he is Paul (Saul) the Apostle. He also tells us that the Bible has it wrong (Nothing new there!) and in fact he knew the Master well. So, with a great deal of confidence, he sets out to tell his readers why Christianity is on the wrong track. Now this is actually not a new idea, but to be brutally honest the late (very late) Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson (previously a RCC cleric and prior to that an Anglican cleric) delivered a far more erudite demolition of Christianity through the medium Anthony Borgia, and that book was published in 1946. ( Fact) The problem with Nick's demolition is he is neither as erudite nor as qualified in theological matters.

Then, of course, seeing as he is 100% sure he is Paul the Apostle, he does set out to tell us a bit about the real life of Jesus. I was already cringing when he explained that Pilate and Jesus had a shouting match, which resulted in both of them losing their tempers. Then he tells us Jesus' lost early childhood years were spent in Capernaum. Now the subject of Jesus and his life here has of course been channeled before. James Padgett got a fair amount in the period 1914 to 1920, and later the Urantia Book has an enormous section, almost hour by hour. Then, only a few years ago, Judas Iscariot covered a lot of ground. Now all these sources are not precisely the same, but they are certainly a heck of a lot more in agreement than the story that Nick now delivers. It seems pretty certain Jesus was educated in Egypt in the midst of the very significant Jewish community and its schools and libraries and only returned to Galilee when Herod died. It does make one wonder to see these different stories. Surely spirit does know what precisely happened? And the answer is of course. Why then do we get folks like Nick, and in another book, "The Disappearance of the Universe" another fellow also telling us irreconcilable "facts" about this period of time. That's the problem with claiming to be a one-time disciple I guess, you have to have the goods.

Then Nick tells us Jesus is alive and well and living outside of the USA, and that he has spoken to him by phone. Not flown there to see him though. Well, I am frankly very over these Jesus wannabes. We had one on this message board a week back, and we dispatched him too.

I guess what really seals the issue for me is when Nick appears unable to share any substantial explanation of precisely what Jesus did teach. Because that can be discovered, although it seems Nick has not read those sources.

A waste of trees, in my opinion.
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