The Keys to Thy Kingdom

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The Keys to Thy Kingdom

Postby Geoff » Thu Apr 12, 2012 4:24 am

The Keys to thy Kingdom
Rev. Caesar Augustus Davila, D.Th.
It is in some ways surprising that this book should have been written by a Catholic priest. But what Dr Davila describes in this book, is an extensive treatment of Stillness, and how to follow that path. The publisher (Center for Yoga and Christianity) does not include an address in the document that I have, and I cannot locate them on the internet, nor any reference to this book.

I am taking the liberty of offering here a pdf copy, trusting that my sharing this book will not get me into trouble. Were I able to point you to some place where you can buy this book, I would rather do that, as it is copyrighted 1988. But it is such an amazing book, that I feel it must be shared. Give it a time to download. If you find that Stillness needs any further support, this would be a suitable third party reference.

If you feel the need for some rather more detailed advice on meditation techniques, this may be the book. It is very thorough.
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