The Last Enemy by Jack Bentley

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The Last Enemy by Jack Bentley

Postby Geoff » Thu Apr 12, 2012 4:23 am

This is another really really great book. Of course it arrived in response to a question I have had, as is so often the case. This is a self published book, and truly deserves better proofing, but nevertheless its a wonderful story, and added TWO bits to my jigsaw of Truth. Published by Trafford ISBN 1-41205342-0

I plan on contacting Jack, when I finally get my computer working again. He is searching for the answer to bypassing death, which many of us know from the Urantia Book is fusion, and is within the realm of us to achieve. Even The Guiding Light Within might answer his question. Not that he is far off, because he has learnt that we can draw in loving energy from Father. What he also has learnt, and I did not know, but makes complete sense, is that while Father's Love nourishes the soul, we can also draw in energy from Gaia to nourish the body. He is attempting to avoid eating, and I hope to hear how he is going with that, as I suspect its another thing we can do, and certainly will limit the toxins we get from food these days.

His explanation and drawing of the vortexes that make up the chakra system is just so beautiful that its astounding.

Hi book is full of simply astounding miracles that have happened. He certainly gives George a go for some of the most amazing things that have happened.

Finally this book is his journey from fundamentalist Baptist minister, to a light worker, and for that alone its amazing. He is one individual that did not believe it was the devil talking to him, and he has received many teachings direct from spirit that are so clear. I suspect some of his teachings are from his Indwelling Spirit. His healing is wonderful too, and he gives very good explanations of touch healing, that I suspect I can learn from too. I have only done remote healing, other than ten days ago in Hawaii, when we all got together to heal one of our own, and I thought the heavens would fall from the amount of healing energy present.

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