The Disappearance of the Universe

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The Disappearance of the Universe

Postby Geoff » Thu Apr 12, 2012 4:20 am

By Gary R Renard - Hay House

"The Disappearance of the Universe." A popular book by all accounts. For those that have not read it, it purports to be a communication with the author by two materialised spirits. Now that's not a common thing, and given that he tells us he was able to tape record their sessions, it hardly falls in to area of channeling. I have only once before come across an author who claimed the same, and that was many years ago, Robert James Lees, who wrote three books of the story told by Aphraar, returned from the dead to put the record straight. Fabulous books, full of Truth.

So, I must say I was very open to this book. Added to that, these two folks, Arten and Pursah, claim to have been Jesus' disciples, but are now promoting ACIM as the way the truth and the life. Seems like when they had Jesus in the flesh, he was not clear enough for them?

So where did I start to think that these two materialised folks are seriously deluded?

Well I worried seriously about the reason they gave for Judas's betrayal. See I personally have interacted with Judas, and have 150 (and now published) channeled messages from him. Added to that Jesus has also commented on why Judas betrayed him, and it certainly was not because he was drunk and wanted a woman.

Then you get the reincarnation thing. Of course they do say its an illusion, but only in terms of time. They claim to have had quite a few lives after their episode with Jesus. Again that's a serious worry for me, because I have plenty of messages from folks that progressed all the way to becoming a Christ spirit without the need for a second mortal life, once they actually got a chance to hear what Jesus really taught.

Actually this reincarnation thing is always a red flag to me. Any time a spirit supports that concept, I do a double take, and try to figure out what level they have progressed to. I have not found a single fused spirit that teaches reincarnation. But Arten and Pursah claim to be Christ spirits.

So I did the only thing I can do, when faced with conflicting stuff. I ask my Indwelling Spirit. Well He says they are not fused, and not Christ Spirits. So then I asked George to channel something. And he gets that mortals are not allowed to materialise like this for this sort of purpose, only midwayers. That helps a bit, but of course I do know that mortals have materialised, because there is Aphraar, so its hard again.

And what is the premise of this book? That we live in a total illusion, and that this illusion is created by ourselves, and not God. That it pretty much has no value. The value lies in recognising that none of you exist, only me. (So I won't exist for those of you reading this!) Along the way they suddenly give Gary permission to use physical violence to protect his illusionary body. Something I know personally Jesus does not accept ever. How come they try to teach this is all an illusion, and that it does not matter what you do, because its not real, and then they teach we must offer unconditional love to all (forgiveness). But why if its all an illusion and what we do does not matter? But of course it does matter, and forgiveness is right. But the illusion bit is pretty much a delusion, as far as I can see. This world may be unreal at an eternal level, but it exists to teach us, so its good enough for that purpose.

It has some good bits I can identify with, but I do think that they have way oversold any value that may lie in viewing this world as an illusion. It certainly exists, and if they believe in reincarnation, as these two do, then they are immediately accepting karma and lessons as the purpose. Seems odd an illusion has purpose?

No, to me this world was created, and we have now participated in that creation, and our efforts are not admirable, by and large. But when I find two celestials teaching the grand illusion, reincarnation, I then cry out to the heavens. For our sake, give us teachers who actually understand some Truth. And I will go back and read ACIM again, because I thought it was way better than the impression left on me by this book.

The book finally blew it for me when they asserted ALL of the disciples had reincarnated 20 times before they progressed. Now I know for SURE that Judas did not, and all of the disciples channeled by James Padgett (Which is a lot of them Paul, John, James, Luke, MM etc) do not support the notion of reincarnation, and ALL claim to be Christ Spirits. Nuff said?

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