The Road Less Travelled by M Scott Peck (1978)

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The Road Less Travelled by M Scott Peck (1978)

Postby Geoff » Thu Apr 12, 2012 4:16 am

I first came by "The Different Drum", which I have yet to review here, but this early book of Peck's sold millions, and is really a very good blend of psychotherapy and spirituality. One can see why it was so popular, yet I think that 20 years later he had really got his ideas clearer, yet his book (The Different Drum) did not sell as well. In this book he tussels with the issue that he has helped some folks out of neurosis by helping them move out of fundamentalistic beliefs, usually Christian, into agnosticism, but others go from atheism to mysticism. He criticises his profession, because apparently a great many therapists consider they do all patients a favour by getting them out of "RELIGION". Yet he sees that it's not so simple.

Late in the book he discovers what he still calls the unconscious, but which clearly and distinctly feed thoughts into the conscious. Prompts if ever you saw them. But at this time he apparently does not understand how simple it is for discarnates to do this, and certainly he has not heard about Thought Adjusters, else he would be much clearer about some things that puzzle him. He points out that a great many people should be dreadfully scarred by their childhood, yet all the time he finds foks that are only lightly scarred by dreadful childhood, and he postulates that there must be some force he calls 'grace' which some how keeps them pretty sane. This sounds exactly what a Thought Adjuster would be doing.

He also marvels at dreams, and how they frequently help him, (and most therapists apparently) to identify deep seated issues, and he postulates this too is the unconscious. How much easier is it to see that these are the loving outputs of our angelic destiny guardians.

A great book, which can't be read fast, but which offers so much. Very sadly I note Dr. Peck died in 2005
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