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Cosmic Voyage

Postby Geoff » Thu Apr 12, 2012 4:13 am

Courtney Browne ISBN 0-451-19026-2

The blurb describes this as a book about aliens. I bought it because it is a book that describes a "new" technique called CRV (Co-ordinate remote viewing) which I wanted to understand. It has a lot more about CRV than aliens! CRV is a sort of mediumship, but very structured. I have a feeling that the inventors of the technique would go bananas if they read that! Like many others, they want to be distanced from "mediums."

CRV is most interesting because it can be verified. They can pick actual physical targets on earth, and compare the remote viewer's results with reality. So, when they venture off-shore, to talk with Buddha, one does feel comforted with the "reliability" of the remote viewer.

I am generally disinterested in aliens, but this book is much more credible about that particular issue, than any others I have discarded along the way. All in all I liked it a lot. Not sure I accept the final premise, that we have only 200 years left to meltdown.

The book is available in pdf format on CB’s website
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