Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East

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Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East

Postby Geoff » Thu Apr 12, 2012 4:12 am

by Baird T Spalding.

Five Volumes. First published in 1924.

In 1894, eleven Westerners traveled to India to study under some great masters. They spent three and a half years there, and eventually three of the group returned for more extensive study.

Read against the backdrop of Autobiography of a Yogi, and Christ in Tibet, this book is no surprise. Indeed it is perhaps the best exposition of the advanced spiritual concepts that I have found outside of those channeled by James Padgett. But they are aware not only of Divine Love, but also the Indwelling Spirit, and they have learnt how to transition, thus avoiding death. These folks fully understand and live in Divine Love. But they have gone further than others, and learnt how to manifest anything they want, including food or money, heat themselves with Universal Energy, travel by dematerialising and rematerialising the body, also using biolocation at times. They walk on water and their healing abilities are astounding. They canb read thoughts, and dreams, and have no difficulty in keeping in contact with each other, and even those they re interested in. All things they are at pains to explain all of us can do. The exponents we are told, appear very young, yet some have lived on this earth three hundred or four hundred years. And they return at will, to teach.

If you read the first three volumes, based on research by 11 guys over nearly 3 years in India in 1896 on, you will find there are, or were, a group of folks who could defy almost every known "law" of physics. In fact this is what they could do:

1) Biolocate, i.e. move the whole body somewhere else, and bring it back, or anywhere else.

2) Leave a body somewhere in "suspended animation" and go somewhere else with "another" physical body.

3) Materialise out of absolutely nothing, anything they need. Includes food, clothing and housing.

4) Walk on water.

5) Walk through fire.

6) Heal pretty much any condition

7) Had bodies that were very much younger than their age.

8 ) Lived hundreds of years

9) Could project images of the past onto a wall, complete with sound. What we might call unlimited free to air on a plasma screen. But over 100 years ago.

10) Interacted with dead guys who turn up in the physical.

11) Communicate by thought with others of their type over unlimited distance

12) Read our minds

13) Create out of nothing, a small statuette (materialise the clay for it, and mold it by hand) Then breathe life into it, so it moves around at its own will. Then remove the life from it.

14) Alter the weather in a small location.

15) Utilise Universe Energy for heating a room or house

16) Cause water to ice spontaneously

There are six volumes in total, but the last three are really on the sayings or talks given by Spalding. While also good, these seemed to me to lack something, and the talks he recorded originally have far more depth to them, in my opinion. These books are either going to be rejected by you as complete nonsense, or you will awaken to the potential of every human. There are of course other books that have similar witnessed events. One would be the books by Murdo MacDonald-Bayne, and the other by Yogananda.
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