When Ghosts Speak - Mary Ann Winkowski

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When Ghosts Speak - Mary Ann Winkowski

Postby Geoff » Thu Apr 12, 2012 4:04 am

This is the lady that was the basis of the TV series Ghost Whisperer.

Its a great book on the topic of "earth bounds", and should be a real eye-opener for anyone who is a little bit open minded. I guess closed minded folks won't read this, or will say its all made up. But there are too many stories, too many facts.

I found it very intriguing that even though she can see earth bounds as clearly as we see each other, she cannot see spirits in the light, nor any other discarnate entity. Just earth bounds. I guess they have a lower frequency or something like that.

I have a minor concern that she is overly concerned about the issues of attracting earth bounds. I feel she has no knowledge of the Law of Attraction, and the issue that earth bounds are attracted based on that Law, and that conversely, if you are a serious light worker, and build up your spiritual level with stillness, you won't have a problem with these guys. She might scare some folks into thinking that as an example, the AC is dangerous. We know its not, but she appears not to know.

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