The Life Elysian

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The Life Elysian

Postby Geoff » Thu Apr 12, 2012 3:42 am

This is a chanelled book, and is the story of someone new to heaven, who then decided to try and teach folks back here what the truth really is. It was written 100 years ago. This book follows the introductory "Through the Mists".

I think it is a stunning book, if you are a seeker, and wonder what Jesus really taught, or perhaps a Christian who would like to sort out the dogma from truth.

It employs a lot of Bible quotes, and I must say many of these were "new light" to me in the context in which they were used and explained, although I was not unfamiliar with the overall concepts.

It also has some wonderful stories, and I may post a few on the site. You can get this book :

The Life Elysian as a PDF

There is also a Kindle e-book version.

And new hard copies

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