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Astral Bridegroom

Postby Geoff » Thu Apr 12, 2012 3:36 am

By Robert Lees.

This is written in the style of a novel, and that is both it's advantage and disadvantage. Unless you were aware that Robert Lees is/was a very experienced spiritualist, you would not accord the information any more weight than that of a typical novel. Afterall how often do you read "occult" stuff in a book that is simply not based on any thing that could actually happen.

The style is naturally that used about 100 years ago, and proceeds slowly with long weighty sentences.

The book was written to give the author a platform to offer his view on reincarnation, and it is cleverly written, in that it seems to introduce a cut and shut case in favour of reincarnation, only to blow it out the water. His contention is that reincarnation memories can be implanted, and he proceeds to do just that, via astral travelling in a dream state, and communicating with the target of his desired "reincarnation" experience.

What weakens his case, is that he does not spend any time explaining his concepts, and thus unless you are familiar with these concepts, it is very "novelistic" and I am not sure comes across as authoritative. He also allows his "crooks and cheats" to do some wonderful stuff, again without explanation of how these can or cannot be done.

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